How to pass multiple parameters in a single Ajax function?

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how to pass multiple parameters in a single Ajax function

i am basically new to ajax function. I am writing an ajax function which needs to fetch the id of two controls For eg: i have Course Dropdown and state dropdown i ...

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If function in vba

QUESTION: Hi Ken. I'm afraid I am very much a beginner at all of this but here is my question... I am just discovering VBA today after learning about the IF function inand hitting the 7 condition limit at the start of what was going to be a VERY long...


Scott You put the function code in a VBA module. In the cell you put =scott(a1) as you would with an...

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Jquery callback: access to javascript variables other than callback parameters?

From withing jquery callback method (such as success or error callback function, for example, in case of jquery ajax get request), how can I access variables other than callback function's parameters. In other words if I have a javascript variable -...


I seem to have access to everything from the callback, even variables defined elsewhere. Make sure the...

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Help me read this Javascript and pass the right parameters?

I'm trying to implement some AJAX features in a project, and need help deciphering the possible options and parameters of the Rico framework's accordion display. Specifically, I want to use it as a left-side site menu, ala Outlook. But to be useful,...


The according feature is used to show and hide divs, it's unrelated to AJAX and can be used on static...

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How do I pass a value to a PHP script using AJAX?

php file : <?php include 'conn.php'; $temp=$_POST['Imgname']; mysqli_query($con, ("Insert into TempTableForAjax values (2,'$temp')")); ?> //the $_POST['Imgname'] is always empty :/ the jquery : $.ajax({ type: "POST"...


use either $value_name = $_GET['value_name'] or $value_name = $POST['value_name'] in your PHP code....

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Is it possible to pass variables into an onReadyStateChange function for and XMLHTTP object?

Whenever I try to add variable parameters or even add () to the function it stops working. The code I am talking about is xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function


The reason that wouldn't work is because the value you set for xmlhttp.onreadystatechange has to be...

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How to allow unspecified number of parameters in C function?

For example, in C you have the function "printf" which takes a char* string with text, formatters, etc. and then you pass in a comma delimited list of variables for each more


Use ellipses in function definition: void Foo( ... ) then use the following to get arguments: va_list...

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example: static void fun (int x) { printf ("x=%d\n", x); } int main (void) { fun (12); return...

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Usually you push the parameters onto the stack. Then the call itself pushes the return address onto...

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An odesk contractor appears to have added a script to my site.  I want to be fair, is there any way this is a mistake?

He was modifying an existing site.  The site he created caused several words on my page to appear hyperlinked and when you moused over a little advertising window appeared.  My site did NOT do this before.  I commented out a script that was not on the...


data.htm is an entry point and run.js contains the actual code to add underlined ads as well as what...

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