How to call jQuery function with multiple parameters?

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jquery - how to call a function with parameters inside a widget-factory plugin?

I want to call a function inside my jquery-plugin (widget-factory based). Looks like this: (function( $, window) { $.widget("mobile.multiview",$.mobile.widget, { stackUp: function (source, event, data) { ... } } }) (jQuery,this); I want to call stackUp from outside of the plugin. The problem: I don't know how to pass the parameters correctly. This does not work: $('#trigger').multiview("stackUp('pagination', fakeEvent, fakeData)"); Can somebody point me to the correcty syntax...


Ok, after endless meddling, the parameters or arguments are passed like this: $("#trigger"...

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What does the compiler assume if no prototype of a function is mentioned and it directly encounter a user-defined function's call? like return types, no. and type of parameters?

I would like to know what parameters can i have as actual parameters or formal parameters and also the return type if no prototype of that function is declared. Also i would like to know the answwers referring to different compilers like gcc, visual...


When a function is not declared in a compilation unit, the c language specifies that the following implicit...

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Is it illegal to call a second POST request from the processing function of another POST request in jQuery?

The code looks like this: $.post('foo.php', { 'v1': v_1, 'v2' : v_2, 'v3' : v_3 }, function (d, s){ //process var v_4 = 'v4'; $.post('foo2.php', { 'v4': v_4 }, function (d, s){ //process }); }); Issue is, foo2.php doesn't seem to get a request...


It's not illegal. There might be an error. Check the code. Js can fail without printing errors.

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C++ programming i need to take the following statements and code them into a void function?

You are required to take the following statements and code them into a void function. Name the function: converter feet = loopCounter / 12.0; yards = feet / 3.0; centimeters = loopCounter * 2.54; meters = centimeters/ 100.0; In order for the void function...


The best place for this kind of question is While there are programmers on AB (including...

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Determine the following information about a positive integer that is passed into a function:?

Language C Determine the following information about a positive integer that is passed into a function: (a) is the value a multiple of 7, 11, or 13 (a single yes or no) (b) is the sum of the digits of the value even or odd (c) is the value a prime number...


#include <stdio.h> void get_info(int ,int *, int * ,int *); int main(void){ int m7,sum_dig_odd...

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Is there a way to extract the function name and parameters (both values and types) of a C++ function?

What I would like to do is, for a function defined as: LONG Try_Function (int ID, DWORD dID, LPVOID lpParams) { //Do or call something here that returns function name (Try_Function), //all parameters, their values as passed in, and if possible, their...


Read about lex

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Jquery callback: access to javascript variables other than callback parameters?

From withing jquery callback method (such as success or error callback function, for example, in case of jquery ajax get request), how can I access variables other than callback function's parameters. In other words if I have a javascript variable -...


I seem to have access to everything from the callback, even variables defined elsewhere. Make sure the...

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An odesk contractor appears to have added a script to my site.  I want to be fair, is there any way this is a mistake?

He was modifying an existing site.  The site he created caused several words on my page to appear hyperlinked and when you moused over a little advertising window appeared.  My site did NOT do this before.  I commented out a script that was not on the...


data.htm is an entry point and run.js contains the actual code to add underlined ads as well as what...

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jQuery: Why do get this error: Cannot call method 'call' of undefined?

in this the success callback is throwing this to fix this..? $('a.trigger-create-customer').dialog({ role : 'alertdialog', appearence : 'bottom', closeText : 'x', center : (!Modernizr.touch), onLoad : function () { if ($.placeholder...


Stack Overflow is probably going to be more conducive to getting an answer for a specific programming...

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'How can i call back jquery masionary after the page loaded'

Hi! Jquery Lovers, I have been using jquery masionary script  my script as follows. <script src="<?php echo base_url()?>js/jquery.masonry.min.js" </script> <script type="text/javascript">   $(function(...


Hi, You could make a new function called Masonry and call it when the page loads, and call it whenever...

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