How to call a function asynchronously in PHP?

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How to call a function asynchronously in php

I want to execute these functions when user click on button but I want to execute $model->user->email ? $model->sendUserMail(): ""; that function asynchronously in background while other function will execute as click occur Here is my code if (isset($_POST['create_send'])) { if ($model->save()) { $model->order_id = strtotime(date("Y-m-d H:i:s")) + '' + $model->id; // send mail $model->sendMail(); //send sms $messages = $model->sendSMSMessage...


There is nothing like Async Tasks in Standard PHP. You could install pthreads or you have to work with...

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How do I call a plugin function inside a PHP template for WP sites?

I am using a pagination plugin in my WP site. As pagination works, it  must be laid inside an index.php file, else it will not show the output.  But i wish to call the same function in a template file. I have the php  code but when I call that function...


Just  a simple suggestion that instead of making multiple copies of same  function, why not create a...

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How can I mix javascript and php? With one button I want it to call a php function as well as a javascript function?

I am really struggling with this. If I use a submit button and then say: <?php if isset($_POST['buttonName']){ ?> call some javascript function. <?php } ?> The above code does not work properly. if do an onclick for the submit button...


I would like you to go through Browser — Server Communication good discussion on this. What...

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How can I call a Function in another php file? I'm pretty new in PHP.?

I have this codes: /*my another php file*/ <?php myfunction(param1,param2){ /-----/ return myresult; } ?> Now, how i call it from my main php page,a nd get the result of my function?


<?php require("mainfile.php"); function myfunction($param1, $param2) { return mainfilesfunction...

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PHP how to use echo and then call a function?

How to make an echo to call a function example : <?php ob_start(); session_start(); $applications=getApplication($_SESSION… $count=mysql_numrows($applications); if($count==0) { echo "You dont have any applications submited"; } else...


If I understood your problem correctly, you need to do it the same way you used nl2br in echo statement...

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I have a JavaScript function from which I need to call a PHP function written in a separate file. How can I do this?

The PHP function returns a value that I want to assign to a JavaScript variable.


Assuming you can modify the code in both files: Turn the PHP function into a web service which accepts...

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You would have to do this using an AJAX request. The onchange event would trigger a Javascript function...

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Hi mani! U cant call a php function from a javascript. Javascript is a client side scripting language...

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A simple google search yielded this - But IMHO, it is better to...

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