How to call Javascript function in PHP?

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php, how to call a javascript function?

i am trying to use gigya auth properties to login users on my website. They have a function that needs to be called after i authenticate the credentials as seen in this illustration I have a form and when i submit the form i send it to login.php where i authenticate my users. My question is how do i call socialize.notifyLogin?. this is the javascript: <script type="text/javascript"> var conf = { APIKey:'2_9E9r_ojXEqzZJqKk7mRqvs81LtiSvUmBcm' }; </script> <script type=...


You have two options: If you call login.php as the target of an HTML form, you should redirect the user...

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How can I mix javascript and php? With one button I want it to call a php function as well as a javascript function?

I am really struggling with this. If I use a submit button and then say: <?php if isset($_POST['buttonName']){ ?> call some javascript function. <?php } ?> The above code does not work properly. if do an onclick for the submit button...


I would like you to go through Browser — Server Communication good discussion on this. What...

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I have a JavaScript function from which I need to call a PHP function written in a separate file. How can I do this?

The PHP function returns a value that I want to assign to a JavaScript variable.


Assuming you can modify the code in both files: Turn the PHP function into a web service which accepts...

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Hi mani! U cant call a php function from a javascript. Javascript is a client side scripting language...

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I want to call a function written in .cs code file in a .js (javascript). How to do this?   (There a way to call this cs function through Ajax call but dont have much idea about the same.)

For example there is a class  Sample.cs public class Test {  publiv void TestFunction()  {   // set of code  } } the TestFunction is to be called in the javascript function <script type="C#/javascript"> function TestCall() {  Test.TestFunction...


It really depends that which technology stack are you in. I have background so I will answer...

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How do I call a plugin function inside a PHP template for WP sites?

I am using a pagination plugin in my WP site. As pagination works, it  must be laid inside an index.php file, else it will not show the output.  But i wish to call the same function in a template file. I have the php  code but when I call that function...


Just  a simple suggestion that instead of making multiple copies of same  function, why not create a...

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WordPress Theme Development: How can I trigger a JavaScript function when a particular widget's save button is pressed in widgets.php in the admin area?

This almost works but the alert won't fire on the first click on the Save button. It does after the second click however. So I'm looking for a way that is more reliable. class My_Widget extends WP_Widget { function __construct() { parent::__construct...


Try .on("click", "", fn); vs. .click() which looks in the live DOM (widgets...

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How can I call a Function in another php file? I'm pretty new in PHP.?

I have this codes: /*my another php file*/ <?php myfunction(param1,param2){ /-----/ return myresult; } ?> Now, how i call it from my main php page,a nd get the result of my function?


<?php require("mainfile.php"); function myfunction($param1, $param2) { return mainfilesfunction...

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When I call a Java applet function by reference from JavaScript code, it doesn't work correctly.   Is it possible to call Java functions by reference from JavaScript? My guess: I think because Java takes memory on JVM, it is not possible.

// Java Code:     public class  A extends Applet{             public void foo(int[] a)         {             a[0]=3;         }     }         //Javascript Code:     var arg = new Array(1);     arg[0]=2;; But `arg[0]` remains `2`


You are right, JavaScript arrays are copied and converted before they are passed to Java Code. From...

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PHP how to use echo and then call a function?

How to make an echo to call a function example : <?php ob_start(); session_start(); $applications=getApplication($_SESSION… $count=mysql_numrows($applications); if($count==0) { echo "You dont have any applications submited"; } else...


If I understood your problem correctly, you need to do it the same way you used nl2br in echo statement...

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