How to return multiple objects of a specific library in R?

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How to return multiple objects of a library in R?

I'm using rpart library in R. In a function, I want to return an array of rpart objects which are generated in a for loop. However, I don't know which data structure I should use for storing rpart objects. Each of the rpart objects has many values. Below you may see the code that generates rpart objects: <- rpart(result ~ . , data = , subset = train.index, method= "class", control=rpart.control(maxdepth=1))


library(rpart) <- data.frame(result = runif(20), var = runif(20)) foo <- function...

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Can return my books/dvd's from a NY library in a brooklyn library drop off?

I rented some books from new york public library earlier this week, and i was wondering if i can return them to my nearest library in brooklyn, would they mail/send back the dvds to more


no. sorry. :( please pick as best answer. thanks.

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If i never return a book at a certain library, could i sign up at another library and they wont know?

cause i live in new york now and lost a library book, im moving to maine soon and am planning on getting a library card there. is the maine one going to know about the new york ones overdue book? or is that just too weird?


Yes, all libraries use the dewey decimal system. People who don't return books get entered into this...

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. . . and THAT is why I can't return my library books ?

So here's the story. I have forty-three books checked out from the library, and they're all due next Thursday. But, see, I don't -want- to take them back. I've gotten too attached to the books and I can't help thinking of them as my own. I want to keep...


Hilarious, arabesque! I like the abducted by aliens one, myself. How about: I stepped into a black hole...

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How do I make use of "return Q.fcall (function () {return 10;}); "? In the Q JS library?

Additional Details: Can someone illustrate how i could go about using the following code snippet found in ? // You can create a promise from a value using Q.fcall. This returns a promise for 10. return Q.fcall(function...


fcall will return a promise that will be fulfilled with the result of your function. This is a convenient...

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Will the library still charge me if I return a lost book?

I have about $50 worth of charges on my library account. I lent my card out to a friend, she borrowed 2 mangas and lost them, I never knew, and she found them 5 years later while moving houses. I never remembered because I was only in 6th grade and I...


I would suggest you get those books back ASAP. The fines have increased as you have kept the books out...

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Can i return a brampton library book to any library branch?

Took some books out at the Bramalea branch, wondering if i can return them in the Fortino's plaza branch


Yes, you can return books at any Brampton library branch.

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What happens if i didnt return a library book for my school last year? CUSD?

i didn't return one of my books and i didnt pay for it. but i have it now. i have registration tomorrow. i am wondering if they will let me return it tomorrow because i am scared they wont let me register. i wasnt mailed any of the papers for this year...


Yes you can always return it back, probably you will have to pay a fee and it might be per day and since...

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What happens if I don't return a library book?

I go to the Chicago Public Library, and I took out a book last summer, I found it and my library card, and I know the maximum fee is $10 per book. What will happen if I just never decide to turn it in? Just curious, but I probably will turn it in.


Bookman comes to get you.

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Should it be compulsory for Library's and video stores to give receipts when you return your book/movie?

Today my library sent me a letter and a bill for a book which they claim i did not return , which i remember distinctively returning. What can I do? I have had a perfect record since i was like 6 years old , now they say I gotta pay for someone else...


Compulsory? Only if you never want to drop an item in a "book/video" return ever again. If...

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