How to add Multiple overlays to Map?

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how to add map layer overlays in openlayers?

i have 3 shapefile ready in a map file, and rendering it on mapserver. what i need is to and these layer overlay one over the can i do this


Would this help? for your question in the comment, General openlayers examples You'll also find Geoext...

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Is there a way to choose the icon for a place that I add to a Google Map (in My Places) when I add it?

This is the way it seems like I have to add places to a map I've made in "My Places": 1)  Open map 2)  Search for the place I want to add 3)  Click on its icon on the map, or on the left in its "entry" 4)  Click "save to map...


When using this flow/functionality to add Places to your own Map then Google will always automatically...

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Add marker to map when button is clicked?

I have been trying to figure this out for weeks but i am really stuck. I am trying to add a marker to a google map only when the user clicks the add marker button calling the addMarker function. The problem that i am having is that i cant figure out...


I would say that.... there is no way to make that since there is no such command available.... Good...

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How to add an editable map to website ?

I would like to make a map available to my website visitors. I want visitors to be able to add content to the map, search for content on the map. I also want to set my very own pins to the map. For example a pink muffin pin for beauty shops. How can...


*laughs* you don't ask for much do you? What you are asking for is very advanced and if you are asking...

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I want to add a world map that members of my site can add themselves to...does such a module exist?

I have singles site that I want to streamline a bit by adding a world map that users can add themselves to and see which other members live closest to them, etc. I have searched all over the web and can't find a module to so this with! I don't care about...



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Anyone know of an add-on that shows Image Map? Outlines the Image Map?

I am looking for an add-on for mozilla or anything really that would outline a sites Image Map so I can see the shape it is surrounding. Does anyone have an answer? I will give best answer to the first person that gives me any information. I know IE...


expert advice-

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Website with multiple map overlays?

a long time ago i ran across this site that would let you look up an address then switch between about a dozen map services (google, live, yahoo, ask, open street map, etc). well, i can't find that site for looking anymore and would like to find it or...


Like others I wondered about hostgator and if they are as cheap and good as they claim. Searching the...

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Can I add dates to a Google Map?

I asked this years ago when I was trips planning on a google maps...  and now every time I am planning a trip on google maps, I'm always wishing I could add dates. I want to add dates to each city I plan on driving to...  when I'm arriving when I plan...


Check out we allow you to create animated interactive maps that you can use as an itinerary...

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How can I add a MAP to my web page?

1. I need a map as I just moved and have invited friends over this weekend. 2. Problem: My street (last two turns) are NOT on yahoo maps, etc., online - since I live in a new development. How can I add a map - and draw in the last two streets for people...


you can try right clicking the pic of the map, save it , print it, mark it and scan it i know lot of...

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How to add a Bing map to a Facebook page?

I am the admin of this restaurant page on Facebook:… What I'm wondering is how I can add a Bing map, this one specifically linked through a FB page:… to the...


you could refer this link with detailed info:… hope...

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