How to Implement Gateway Service something similar to Oracle API gateway Using Java and Java based Open Source frameworks only?

Let’s learn how to Implement Gateway Service something similar to Oracle API gateway Using Java and Java based Open Source frameworks only. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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How do I Implement Gateway Service something similar to Oracle API gateway Using Java and Java based Open Source frameworks only?

wanted to Implement API Management Using only Java and Java Based Open Source frameworks. Need help how to go about it. I need following things that really make me ready to go " Blue -print and Sample Source Code or any Completely Open Source API management tool that support almost feature Identical to Oracle API gateway or Intel API management or apigee Application available in todays world's". We do not have budget to buy any commercial product from market, we wanted to build our own...


Full disclosure: I used to work for Layer 7 Technologies and played a major role in designing their...

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One-off Internet Print and Mail Service in US

I want an internet service that is optimized to print and mail individual letters to individual addresses in low volumes. The Problem I?m Trying to Solve I do most of my personal and professional business online. Sometimes, however, I have to send...


Dear Markdraughn, Thank you for the clarification. I am reposting the information below to make the...

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I want to receive an email using java api?

import javax.mail.* ; import javax.mail.internet.* ; import javax.activation.* ; import java.util.*; import*; import com.sun.mail.pop3.POP3Store; ////////////// CLASS pop Authenticator ////////////// class popAuthenticator extends javax.mail...


here I have an simple program using java to recieve the mail... Steps involved in receive mail: Step...

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What the advantages and disavantages of using Java/J2EE for both web front end and app layer nowadays for big sites, as apposed to other major frameworks?

I am really interested in finding out your experience of developing large sites using Java/J2EE, in terms of advantages and disadvantages, (as opposed to Python, Scala, and their frameworks, if any). Below are a few sites using Java/J2EE. Which large...


The reasons to not use Java on both frontend/backend could be: Sometimes the app servers required for...

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Linux based fax inbound/outbound gateway with API

Hello, We've desgined an office automation solution based on propriotery code on the Linux operating system. We got to the inbound and outbound fax traffic requirement and were a bit stuck. We don't have background in that area and as such would like...


Hello Lizardnation, Thanks for an interesting question! Fax automation is becoming a popular way to...

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Why should someone use Javascript frameworks for Java-based backend services? Is there a strong set of pros and cons for this approach?

In the Java world, there are several web application frameworks such as Spring, Struts, a few Apache ones such as Wicket, Tapestry and other such as Grails, Play etc. There are also different approaches for UI using JSP, GSP, Template based such as velocity...


All the frameworks you mentioned doesn't give the flexibility JavaScript gives to work with the HTML...

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Distributed Open source job scheduling software?

I am looking for a open source job scheduling tool having most of the following characteristics 1) Schedule & run jobs based on time / events / Dependency 2) Retry & restart capability on failure 3) Distributed - (Client/ Server mode) - Where...


It's hard to find an unanswered question in you topic. Actually you made a good job. Now you just need...

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How to extract neibhour cells information in CDMA mobile via USB cable. What java API's it is using.?

the mobile communicates nearest many BTS. which ever the signal is more, then mobile will connect to the BTS. But, if we want extract information to the PC via USB, what are the PDU's & what java API's we required to implement.


Getting neighbour cell information and other related data and very tightly tied to the protocol stack...

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Should I choose MongoDB or MySQL for a Play Framework based web application?

I plan to implement a web application based on the Play Framework. My decision to choose Play is based on my background in Java, the way Play approaches the development process of web applications and its claim to be Reactive. The rough feature scope...


Speaking from my own experience and looking at the same issue in the last 6 months I would suggest going...

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What steps should I take to create a sentiment analysis web application using Twitter?

I am planning to create a sentiment analysis engine but after searching lots of blogs/technical papers/articles I am still confused about how to create this project. The following are my concerns: Data mining problem: found out that data (tweets) for...


Please can i use NLTK for sentiment analysis ... You must be signed in to read this answer.Continue...

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