How to add a contact to a specific list?

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How can I add custom fields to contacts info in iphone contact list

I am developing a app in which I have to add custom contacts to iPhone Contact list. To elaborate that every contact in iPhone have a definite set of fields which we can be used to save contact info. I want to know if we can add custom fields apart from that ofexisting options in iPhone. If its possible please show me the way to do that, googled it but didn't found any thing meaningfull. Thanks in advance.


From ABRecordRef...

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How can you add a new contact to a specific list, I tried everything, It's very hard to manage those contacts

I tried to devide my contacts into different categories, how can you sort your contacts?


In IM, click contacts, organize contacts....... Create new group, then click their name and go back...

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How to add a new contact to my e-mail contact list?

I will try to be more in detail. I use the old Yahoo Mail Classic. There was a button next to a e-mail address that you could click on and it would add it to my contact list. It is no longer there. How do I add to my contact list without having to re...


Yahoo removed that icon. They must have thought it was a good idea at the time -----I can't imagine...

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When I add someone in Yahoo Messenger, It goes to my address book ! how can I move it to contact list?

I created a new yahoo account last day and I started to add my contact list of my old account. after I added some, when I add other contacts they go to address book. I want them at my contact list groups. how can I move them to main contact list ??


You can double click it and add user after the pop up message window, but for now YM has this problem...

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Why I cannot add contact to a specific contact list?

I ve been adding contacts to a specific list and suddenly I cannot add another name. get the message "Something unexpected just happened. Contact Yahoo customer care if problem persists. Problem does persist, but looks like there is no yahoo customer...


I've run into this same problem today, and determined the cause to be that the email address I'm trying...

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How a contact i add to my list does not appear and when i tried to add him again it sayes it is in your list ?

i added a friend to my list and the next day i did not found him at all and when i try to add him again a message sayes that my friend already exists in my messenger list


Log off messsenger and log back in

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Yahoo contacts are gone and I cannot add new how can I restore my old contact list?

November 15, 2010 My Yahoo Contact List has myseteriously dissappeared ;((( I am raceiving an error message saying connection refused when I try to click on the yahoo help or contact us. Yahoo will not allow me to add new contacts How do I get my original...


Try this link:

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How can i add any contact in my messenger list?

when i add someone in list.there is a error"ur addition of contact take longer then our will be added later.plz see the list later. but i does not added. how can i add someone.


When you add a contact to your IM list,the yahoo people send a messege to the person concerned to confirm...

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I want to add more contact than 1000 to my messenger add list ,how can you help me in this?

i want to add more contact than 1000 to my messenger add list ,how can you help me in this?


You will probably need to Surf to many different chat rooms to make more friends to add to your contact...

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If I deleted someone from my Yahoo Contact list. is it possible to add them back . and how ?

I accidently deleted some name out of my yahho's contact list . is it possible to retreive it knowing that this person still have me on her list . in MSN messenger for example. I know the list of all the names that still have me on their list . is it...


Yahoo always stores all of your friends in your messenger address book, so all you have to do is click...

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