How to be a successful cell phone sales person?

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To be a good sales person, you should be patient, have great product knowledge, be friendly, be goal...

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Who makes more money a waiter or a cell phone sales person?

just wondering if i should just keep my old job or move into cell phone business.


I imagine it depends on locations and what restaurant you would be working at.

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It is key to listen to the customers needs. Find the phone that meets all their needs. Sell the services...

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Looking to get a cell phone what do i need to sign a contract?

don't have a credit score, trying to build one and i heard cell phone is one of the easiest and least expensive. Currently under a family plan contract ended about 3 or 4 years ago with tmobile still with them. I like their customer service such as recently...


hi, if you got that reception from verizon and tmobile perhaps you have a good credit score.. ^^. Tmobile...

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What makes a good cell phone salesman?

I own a small cell phone store. I want to increase my sales so I would like to know what people would like in a sales person?


be very polite and nice and say: sure, not a problem, talk in a very nice tone Good Luck!!! :)

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Are cell phone sales taxes supposed to be cheaper in Pennsylvania than in New York?

I have Sprint as my mobile carrier, and I recently moved to Philadelphia, PA from Long Island, NY. When I discovered that my cell phone bill INCREASED, I was very alarmed (especially when I was told by Sprint that my taxes would be cheaper in PA). Here...


Take it to the Public Service Commission. You got scammed.

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Need to get a person's cell phone number. It's probably an iPhone.

First things first: I'm not a stalker and I won't do anything illegal. I've found the person who is almost certainly my birthmother. I need her cell phone number. I believe it's an iPhone. I also have an iPhone, for what it's worth.Please note: this...


This is very happily resolved, I'm pleased to say. I have spoken to my birthmother, and much joy was...

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Cell phone usuage: if a person was using a cell phone and was in anaccident?

do you feel that person should receive a ticket,,,and if that person caused the accident should the fine(ticket) be doubled? an if a person is killed should they be charged with more


Yes, yes, and yes. Further I think the cell phone service provider should be sued as well as the cell...

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How can I find a person's home phone number online if I already have the cell phone number for that person?

I have a friend who lives close to me with a friend of his from his home state New York, and I only have his cell phone number. He lives about 10 minutes from me, but I'm unsure if he has a landline phone.


AT&T has a web site: and Verizon has a similar tool at: Both will...

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Can a person be charged with reckless driving for talking on the cell phone?

I was almost run off the road today by someone talking on a cell phone and not paying attention. Even if it is not illegal to talk on a cell phone and driving, can someone still get a reckless driving citation for talking on the cell phone while driving...


Yes, but only if a police officer observes the erratic driving.

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