How to switch my old t-mobile cell phone for a new cell phone?

Let’s learn how to switch my old t-mobile cell phone for a new cell phone. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Switch Cell Phones | eHow

How to Change Phones on a CDMA Network. Verify that your new phone will work on your carrier's network. For example, Verizon Wireless phones will only work on Verizon ...

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I'm switching my cell phone provider...stay with cingular or switch to tmobile?

My contract for cingular is over and I have the opportunity to switch to tmobile. Half of my family and friends are on cingular and tmobile. Any suggestions?!



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No, unfortunately, you would have to pay your early termination fee yourself!

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Looking for a fantastic high end cell phone

Help me find the best high end unlocked cell phone that can be used with Tmobile (U.S.) I'm shopping for a high end unlocked cell phone. My price range is up to $700. I currently have a Nokia N97 and like it a lot, but want something fun and new. I was...


re: profiles: If you are inclined to wade into hacky territory... you can do this with an NFC enabled...

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What cell phone carrier is the best?

i want to get a new cell phone. i have tmobile right now, and i am debating on whether i should switch to sprint or another carrier. what do yall sugest


verizon They offer corporate discounts.sometimes as much as 20% Ask them if your company participates...

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Is there an economical way for me to switch cell phone providers mid-contract?

Is there any economical way to switch cell phone providers without waiting months for my contract to expire? I've had a cell phone with Verizon for about three years now. I'm not a huge fan of them, but renewed my contract a year and a half ago so that...


There are two ways: One: Verizon now prorates their early termination fee (ETF), from $175 and deducting...

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If I buy a cell phone in Russia, will the menu only be in Russian or can I switch it to English?

I live in Russia and want to buy a cell phone, but am worried 'cause I know the menu will be in Russian. Is it possible to switch the menu language to English? I have a friend who bought a really cheap phone and the menu is only in English. I'm wondering...


It will have an English menu. Either exclusively or as a second choice. You state that a friend bought...

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Can you switch a phone from one cell phone company to another cell phone company?

So I'm selling my friend my old blackberry from Verizon and he has at&t. My question is, if I give him the blackberry, is he allowed to switch the company of the phone from Verizon to at&t. Hope you understand and can be of help!


yes he can you would have to call the orginal service provider (verizon) and have them unlock the phone...

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Tmobile vs Sprint cell phone reception in los angeles?

Now that 4G is available from both Sprint and Tmobile, I am ready to switch to a 4G phone. I am currently with Sprint and they officially release the 4G in the greater Los Angeles area Dec 1, 2010. Tmobile has a system in place already. I have a fundamental...


I've seen two amazing phones from my office mate. One is My phone 4G - it is really amazing.. the other...

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Can I switch my prepaid cell phone number to another provider?

I have a Boost Mobile cell phone (thats through Nextel) but I'd like to switch to Verizon. I know usually you can keep your number when switching providers but I wasnt sure in this situation if that was still an option. I have a New York phone number...


You can try. The thing with WNLP (Wireless Number Local Portability) is the local. Depending on how...

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