How to become a search engine optimizer?

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How do you become a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)?

I have a full time job but want to work on this during my free time. what computer languages do I need to become fluent in, if any? im 19, is this too old to become an SEO specialist?


you need the basic knowledge of HTML to understand and implement On Page SEO and either you can do some...

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There are endless resources online you can find via a simple Google search. It takes time, practice...

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just follow this guideline and you ll understand what it takes to be a good SEO! SEO: The Free Beginner...

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What are the qualifications & skills required for the job of search engine optimizer?

while searching for jobs in one of jobs portal, I found this job of search engine optimizer. But nothing much mentioned in it. Am I fit to apply. I did my masters in commerce and have around 5 years experience in admin, back office, customer support...


For the job of search engine optimizer; the main assets will be your experience! If you are very good...

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Internet is become crazy...Search Engine Competition?

Now the Search Engine i.e. Yahoo, Google, AOL etc. are fighting to each other to get more search. So why, now people are getting paid to use search engine i.e. for using Yahoo Search more


Both Google and Yahoo provide smaller websites their ads and search results. This allows the both engines...

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How to get SEO (search engine optimizer) job online.?

is there any buddy how can tell me how to get SEO( search engine optimizer ) work by online . i wanna do online work in other country. i have good knowledge of SEO.


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As the social graph personalizes search engine results, does SEO become less relevant?

Search engines, namely google, use facebook, twitter, and +1 data in their algorithms to bubble up more "relevant" results based on the recommendations of a user's social graph.  Does this search engine result personalization make traditional...


SEO will not become less relevant. Wikipedia says: Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving...

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How can I block yahoo from become my default search engine?

Every time I use Google chrome, and search something I have to switch is from yahoo back to Google because I cant stand yahoo because it is filled with a whole bunch of junk ads and it is annoying to switch back everytime. PLEASE HOW CAN I MAKE IT STOP...


Try setting Google as your homepage. Just click the button that says "make Google my home"...

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Could Bing become the dominant search engine if the top 1,000 domains in the world removed themselves from Google's index?

Imagine if Wikipedia, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo Answers, eHow,, Amazon, eBay, etc added "Googlebot: No index, no follow" to their robots.txt file. Is that the only way in which Bing could win in the search space?


Maybe the losers would be these great websites because users dont search for them. Users search in order...

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Why has Yahoo become a less important  search engine in the market?

What makes Yahoo fall behind: the search technology or the management?


In my point of view, it's neither the search technology nor the management, but the confusing UI (user...

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