How to become sql server DBA?

Let’s learn how to become sql server DBA. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Server Fault.

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What sort of training is required to become a SQL Server DBA?

not sure if this question rely belongs here but what sort of training would someone need to become a SQL Server DBA? Going for a job as a junior DBA which includes training so just wondering what that might include? Ta, Jonesy


Here you go. I'd say that a Junior DBA ought to have the knowledge required to become certified MCTS...

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Here are a couple typical technical career path for the goal of CTO: DBA ==> Database Architect...

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How do I become a DBA or a SQL Programmer?

I'm currently doing a technical support job. I've had the privilege of troubleshooting and performing queries in SQL Server, and I am currently working on getting certified in MS SQL Server. I feel like SQL is my calling. How do I acquire the skills...


The best way to get the skills and experience necessary for being a DBA is to start with your own SQL...

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Can anyone let me know if there are complete free video tutorials to learn SQL Server 2005 DBA?

Please let me know if there are any links or websites that contain complete video tutorials on SQL Server 2005 DBA, Developer, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS etc. Thanks in advance


Considering that Learning Tree charges about $1,000 for a 4-day introductory course in DBA alone (development...

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Which part of Australia is best for SQL Server Dba Contractors ?

Any advice on best areas on contracting for a SQL Server dba in Australia and any other things to be aware of i.e. steps I should take for payment etc would be much appreciated. more


Perth is okay, but I would say that if you were coming to Australia on a holiday you won't end up in...

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Seeking SQL server DBA advice?

I'm thinking about going into SQL world but I really dont know on where to start looking. Are there any one that can help me in where I should start looking?


You can start with SQL DML statements at SQL Exercises site: http://www.sql-ex...

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Best DBA certification?

What DBA certification should I pursue? MS, Oracle, something else? I am a stay at home mom. Before the birth of my daugther, four years ago, I worked in various simple IT jobs. I made a few websites with Postgresql backends and I think I would like...


I can't speak much to the value of a DBA cert. I worked as a DBA (informix, then oracle) for 12 years...

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The term SQL alone implies Structured Query Language as per the ANSI standard. Every Database Management...

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If you are completely new to this and think this is a career you want to undertake then one of the first...

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What makes PostgreSQL better than SQL Server?

As a SQL Server DBA I'm very comfortable using SQL Server but the executive group where I work wants us to consider open source alternatives.


In addition to cost and cross-platform, see below list of advantages: Top 10 Reasons I like Postgres...

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