How to change color of radio button when checked radio button?

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JavaScript - If radio button is checked, change background color

I am fairly new to JavaScript, and I want to learn some of that before I go to jQuery, so jQuery is no option here. I have a form where I can write an article, and I've got everything up and running and it works pretty well. The image selector itself works, but it's the looks I want fixed so I don't have to look at the ugly radio buttons under the images, so the radio buttons will be removed, and instead of that, the background of the image gets red or some other obvious colour. The code that...


In reality you need ZERO JavaScript to do it. input[type="radio"] { display: none; } input...

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PHP $_SESSION Radio Button Checked HELP!?

<input type="radio" name="gender" value="Male" value="<?php if(isset($_SESSION['gender']) && $_SESSION['gender'] == Male){echo "checked=checked";}?>"/>Male <input type="radio...


<input type="radio" name="gender" value="Male" value="<?php...

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Javascrip question: hi how do i make a text field value change when a radio button is clicked?

Like a situation where a user wants to register for a gym, and the gym has a membership type, which includes gym, zumba lesson, and taekwando..each membership type has a value(i.e amount)..and when selected, a value should appear on the text filled called...


I made this for you: it wasn't that hard. you should've been able to figure...

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Form design: Should radio buttons control the content of associated text fields?

A real nuts-and bolts design question; let's see if I can describe it in a way that makes sense: I've got a web form that allows me to create or edit an object -- let's say a pot-luck dinner invitation.  In this form, the user gets a group of radio buttons...


A good suggestion, but this is where my attempt to simplify my problem to an easily-understandable example...

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How to change text input name with radio buttons?

Here is the text input box: <input type="text" name="english" onkeyup="transcrire()" id="pfc_words" title="<?php echo _pfc("Enter your message here"); ?>" maxlength="<?php echo...


<input type="text" name="english" id="pfc_words"... <input type...

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Radio problems please help.?

well i had some radio problems and what happends is that my radio was just working yesturday and i turn on my radio and it wont let me switch my tracks on my radio and i cant press anything else on my radio at all only thing i can change is the volume...


are you talking about cd tracks or your fm tuner? i dont know where you live but if your having a cd...

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JavaScript Radio Button Validation help.?

Hello All. Need help adding a “continue anyway” button on my JavaScript Pop up. Pretty much you have several radio buttons to choose if you check all the radio buttons and click submit, it goes to the next page. If not a Java pop up will...


Use 'confirm' instead of 'alert'. See example at link below for more details.

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What is wrong with my Sony Explode car radio in a 2004 Impala?

I have a 2004 Impala base with a Sony Explode radio. Just recently all but 3 buttons stopped working. The volume button worked on volume only (you are supposed to be able to push it in to the change the bass, fade, etc...) and the source button (the...


sony stereos are garbage.

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Would a regular used OEM 6-disc radio work with the Bose sound system in my RX8?

Hello! I just recently bought in an great offer a 2005 RX8 with the Grand Touring Package, everything in the car works perfectly but the buttons on the radio. I can listen to the CD and some buttons work, like the eject button for the CD (thank god!...


no, all the headunits are the same, id recommend finding info here

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How do you turn off the engine of a 2012 Nissan Altima without having to turn off the radio?

I have a 2012 Nissan Altima with a push-button ignition. When I press the button without holding down the brake it turns on the accessory mode, where the radio works. Then if I press it again, the engine mode is on, but it won't actually start the engine...


It happened probably because you pushed the button twice. First press will shut off the engine, and...

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