how to How to change button properties from another class?

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c# - How to change a button's properties from another ...

I have a method in another class from which I want to change the color of these buttons. T... current community. chat. Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow

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Why can I not change button properties via the properties dialog box in Android IDE (Eclipse)?

When I click a property in the properties dialog nothing happens e.g clicking Text Size does nothing so to change text size I have to right-click textView1 > Other Properties > Defined by TextView > Text Size to change the size of text (and...


Yup! that's so stupid and unusable. I adjust things using code-view

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Why does the following AJAX call doesn't return new url from success and change URL in browser after returning from controller?

I am working on a Spring MVC project where the homepage has two input fields. Both input fields are of String type. But the regNo field gets number and if the user enters the regNo it should be taken to the corresponding method in controller. If the...


I think your ajax call is not executing... check for it .

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Can anyone help me change the style of my plug buttons for my website?

I've got a Plugboard on my website and I was hoping someone could help me change the style of the "Website Url", "Button Url" and the "Plug" button so it is in the same style of...


find below link…

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Javascrip question: hi how do i make a text field value change when a radio button is clicked?

Like a situation where a user wants to register for a gym, and the gym has a membership type, which includes gym, zumba lesson, and taekwando..each membership type has a value(i.e amount)..and when selected, a value should appear on the text filled called...


I made this for you: it wasn't that hard. you should've been able to figure...

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Change start menu power button in windows 7?

I want to be able to put my computer to sleep from the start menu. The current action is log out and if I expand it I only have lock and disconnect available. I tried ctrl+alt+delete and the power button in the bottom right corner is there and has all...


Did you make any changes in the BIOS or installed/uninstalled/changed any devices/drivers? Check the...

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Create a class to store data C#?

I need to write a C# class that has 5 data points, all of which have a default value, and need to store data in each. How would I go about this? Declaring the variables with the default values in them (string animalName = "whiskers"; for example...


The class I created should be large that it fits for the Java coding... Good luck!

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Change windows xp start button?

I have Windows XP and for some reason the menu looks like the classic windows menu. Everything that the Windows XP window has is there like the pictures next to the items on the start menu but things like the color of the menu and the way the start button...


rightn click on your desktop and goto properties click on the appearance tab change the dropdown box...

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Java please help what variables whould i change to make this into a seperate class?

please help i need to make a seperate class to do these calculations an invoice class and im not sure what to do bc i just wrote the code on the GUI class when the calculate button is clicked but i need to make a seperate class that has the calculations...



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Why can't I change file properties in Windows XP?

In the summary tab, after right clicking "Properties" on a .mp3 file, there's only 3 fields that you can change, even when I click the "advanced" button, the only options are Title, Track Number and Comments. Previously, I could change...


one way round this is to open if you have it, the VLC free media player and use that to change the settings...

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