How to choose a font for a website?

Let’s learn how to choose a font for a website. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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A website that lets you choose different types of font?

For ex: I write in my name and it puts my name in flames 10 points for a good answer


Cool Text Flaming Text 3D Text Maker http://www.3dtextmaker...

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Can you recommend a book or website that helps choose font combinations?

I am a graphic designer and could go hours scrolling through different fonts trying to find the right combinations of 2 or 3 that work well together. Then it dawned on me that there HAS to be an easier way. Can anyone recommend a great book or website...


Try this: The Big Book of Font Combinations :)

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What Japanese font should I choose for my website (buttons, images)?

There is an English version and a Japanese version. The English version uses Myriad Pro (Regular) so I'm trying to find the best match in a Japanese font.


Personally, I would go with one of these fonts:… The...

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I just made a website.. whats the best FREE website maker?

i just made a and im using this to promote my jewelry I am selling. the background choices that you can pick from are terrible, and i at least want a website that will let me choose my own colors for the background! goodness gracious...


It depends on what kind of site you want to build. php website and phpbb both have free versions. One...

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Where do I place the font in the FTP files so that it displays on the web page?

I have been currently creating an website for a WoW guild. We are using an FTP server, and after a leave of absence I am once again getting used to using FTP again. I have decided to use a program called Page Breeze to do all my editing as it works fine...


The only way to get an uncommon font to display in every viewer's browser is to make a text image using...

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Anyone know a font website?

I am an aspiring graphic designer. Anyone know a website that shows what all the fonts look like (that come in Word, Photoshop, Quark, etc.) on one page or one site? I hate having to choose each font and seeing what it looks like one at a time. If there...


Sorry i have no idea, but its a great thought. #I also need the same thing. I wait for the best answer...

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Need help with FrontPage form using totals.

I need help with totaling money on a FrontPage webpage form. I have done them in the past where the user enters a number that indicates the number of items a person wants. This will total at the right and grand total at the bottom. On the form I'm creating...


Hi yelladog-ga, Good day and thanks for your question. i've modified your code in a number of places...

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Is it bad that I used the same font as Avrils font on her website for a stencil...?

Is it bad that I used the same font as Avrils font on her website for a stencil I made that said "Avril".. I spray painted it on a shirt for Avril Lavignes Concert tomorrow!!!!!!!!! like is there illigal issues there? O.o like copyright stuff...


Pretty sure that's okayy

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To settle a debate, The font website dafont, Is it DAFONT or d.a-font?

Me and my friend have had a slight disagreement, I think the font website, a favorite of ours, is pronounced DA font, as in Da, The gangsta way as such. My friend thinks its D.a. - An abriviation. Please help us settle this, And if its an abreviation...


Hi Em.four Change the strings and put on .009 extra light gauge string and don't let anybody tell you...

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Typography: What font permission is necessary to use a font for a website logo (as embedded image)?

If a font has a "Preview and Print" permission,  is it okay to use it for a logo image used on a website.  I realize that embedding the font may require a different level permission..


Yes, that is almost always allowed. According to nearly all foundries, once the font is converted to...

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