How to make a font using a png image?

Let’s learn how to make a font using a png image. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Super User.

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How can i make a font using a .png image

I am using Font Lab Studio 5. but i dont know how to import vector file


PNGs aren't a vector format. They are a raster format. So if you are trying to import a vector format...

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What are the ways to display only a specific icon from my predefined png image while using font awesome for other fonts?

So my precise problem stems up from the fact that I am unable to make a vector icon for one of my icons. I have that icon as a image file but if I try to convert it using raster vector image it looks horrible. As I can't make it a vector svg file I can...


You can solve this problem without actually modifying fontawesome very much. provided you're ok supporting...

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Need help with FrontPage form using totals.

I need help with totaling money on a FrontPage webpage form. I have done them in the past where the user enters a number that indicates the number of items a person wants. This will total at the right and grand total at the bottom. On the form I'm creating...


Hi yelladog-ga, Good day and thanks for your question. i've modified your code in a number of places...

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How to Set Transparent Color in PNG Image Using PhotoShop?

I used one of those free websites to generate four sets of tri-state PNG buttons. But the site had no option for setting the button trim to a transparent color. Other free sites have this option, but they don't offer the font I needed. So... My father...


Load the image in a new project or whatever. Save in native format. Select Transparent properties: the...

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Icon fonts are vector based and will always stay sharp when rendered by the browser. Images are pixel...

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How do I make image backgrounds transparent using Gimp?

I have a bunch of png images that I want to make transparent so that they won't have that obnoxious white box around them. How would I go about doing this? I just downloaded Gimp more


also note that newer gimp does not include alpha channel to layer, you can right click on layer in menu...

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How can I make an iOS ASIHTTPRequest work with a Python SimpleHTTPServer?

I am working on a project (that i will not be releasing to the app store - just for fun) that will upload an image via an HTTP Post request from my iPhone to a server that I have running the Python script SimpleHTTPServer(


Wouldn't this question be better answered on Stack Overflow or by contacting Ben Copsey?  Try here....

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How to parallelize PNG file creation with C++, libpng and OpenMP?

I am currently trying to implement a PNG encoder in C++ based on libpng that uses OpenMP to speed up the compression process. The tool is already able to generate PNG files from various image formats. I uploaded the complete source code to


This loop seems parallelizable in a straightforward way. I would try just putting   #pragma omp for...

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I am using the onmouseover effect and I can't get the link to work. I need some help with the code.?

I have created a webpage for my ICT AS coursework. I am using the onmouseover effect and I can't get the link to work. I need some help with the code. Basically this is a product advertising Minecraft and the issue is before the on mouse over effect...


<input type="image" src="multimedia/buttons/minecraft_button… "a href...

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