How to clean LCD moniter screen?

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How do you repair an AG Neovo E-19A lcd moniter that displays for a second then the screen goes black?

I turn it one and it shows me screen for a second then goes black


Hi. The problem may not be the LCD. If you get ANY image the problem lies elsewhere. May be the drive...

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LCD moniter screen connection?

Can the LCD screen settings change if you pull the wire connecting to the computer in the back. I dont know if the setting changed just because I accidently dropped something on the moniter wire connecting to the computer. The screen remained on screensaver...


No, you have nothing to worry about. Your monitor is like a light bulb. If there's no signal going to...

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My LCd computer moniter will go off and when I move the mouse to bring the screen back on it will blink and?

blink and not go on, finally after it keeps blinking off amd on it will catch and the screen will stay on. DOes this sound like anything that can be remedied or do I just need a new moniter? thanks so much!


If it only blinks 2-3 times there really isn't anything wrong with it.

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Garden hose...turn it on full...use lots of soap.

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My moniter is LCD one is it the cause for screen stretch?

my screen size ratio is 90 by 345 is the stretch due to size?


You need to be running it at its native resolution. If you have Windows 7 right click on the desktop...

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I don't have an answer but I do have the exact same monitor with the exact same problem. It's not the...

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Before changing resolution b sure to install monitor drivers. So windows displays the resolution supported...

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How can i connect my dell laptop to a Lcd acer moniter?

i tryed conecting my dell laptop to a lcd acer moniter and i puched fn + crt/lcd but my screen goes black and then blinks once but does not do anything. can anyone help me please , thank you


Hello, The external monitor needs to be connected and powered on before you power up the laptop so that...

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How can i set and normal my computer display in the wide screen LCD? it look like strichy,?

i have SIS 661GX Chipset motherboard, i buy a new Samsung 19" wide screen LCD moniter, model no is 920nw, when i saw movies so that is ok and no problem but every thing else look strichy, (icons, pictures, wallpapers) i set up the resulation in...


i dont know what strichy means,sorry.

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