How to clean a computer monitor?

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How do I clean a flat screen computer monitor?

How do I clean our 22 inch Samsung Flatscreen Computer Monitor. I used window washer on it and it hasn't looked the same since. Is there a way to fix it and get it looking right again? Help!!!!!! Im an Idiot.


You may need to use actual screen cleaner. Because anything else may wreck it. I use Monster Screen...

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How Do You Clean a Flat Screen Computer Monitor?

I feel silly, but it's the kind of computer screen that reacts when you touch it. For all I know all computer screens are like that now. I've had this computer for about six more


Well, we cleans ours with baby wipes, you just got to be very extra careful... but it works

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How do I clean my LCD computer monitor that has anti glare coating?

While sitting in front of my monitor, I accidentally splashed a few spots of water on the monitor. The spots dried before I noticed them and now I am unable to remove them. I have more


Well, i always used a wet tissue paper, it never scratched the screen or anything.

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Hey how do u clean ur computer monitor?

I have a Liquid Crystal display flat 19 inch wide screen. And I know you are not suppose to put ur finger on it. My sister haves been doing it aand haves my mom! And It's looks kinda greasy, and I know it is very sensitive. Can you tell what to clean...


Most computer monitors respond very well to being cleaned with standard Windex or windex clone, as long...

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Anyone have any idea how to clean permanent marker from my computer monitor?

My daughter has written on my monitor with a black permanent marker..any suggestions on how to fix this or is it now ruined?


i agree w/ the dry erase marker

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How do you clean something sticky off of an LCD computer monitor?

I read that you can't use anything alcohol based and can't get the screen too wet and you have to use soft cotton cloth but to not press too hard. How do I clean this darn mess if I can't press hard and can't get it a bit wet to maybe soak it off?


If you have a monitor connected to your computer - which most people will else it is kind of hard to...

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How to clean my computer's monitor and keyboard?

I have a flat panel display(LCD display). How to clean it? Do I use wet cloth? or some other cleaning solution? Please give me the name of the solution.


I use baby wipes and have done for as long as i can remember. They work perfectly fine.

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How do I clean my TFT (LCD) computer monitor?

I have a 17 inches TFT (LCD) monitor. The picture quality is great. But accidentally a few drops of water fell onto the screen. I wiped them off very lightly and now several markings more


me i spray polish (tiny amount) on a soft clothe wipe on fold clothe to clean piece and wipe off

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How to clean a LCD computer monitor?

I was wondering about some suggestions for cleaning my LCD screen, i was hoping i could use those pledge multi-surface wipes but i have seen a lot of people say no to that. what are some safe ways to clean it? it really needs it


I use warm water and a soft cloth.. that is it.. any chemicals may harm it

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How do I clean my Flat panel LCD computer monitor?

It gets really dirty and i have tried a few things, a wet soft cloth, etc. but nothing seems to clean it.


buy some clean wipes in the computer area at a local walmart. They are alcohol wipes and they wont scratch...

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