How to connect a video recorder to a set top box?

Let’s learn how to connect a video recorder to a set top box. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can I buy (and connect) a secondary digital video recorder to an existing Set-top box?

I have just got a Set-Top box from my grandma since she got a new digital TV. But it is only a set-top box for receiving digital signals with no recording capabilities. Is there more


You can get a VCR OR DVD recorder an connect it between the digibox and TV.

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Good way to connect Digital Cable Box, DVD Player/Recorder and TV?

I have it currently set up like this: Cable from wall goes into a splitter. Coax from splitter goes to digital cable box (Cablevision). Coax from splitter goes into DVD Player/Recorder. RCA from DVD goes into TV (video in). Coax from cable goes into...


Using the splitter is not a concern unless you have so many splitters in the path that your signal-to...

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Can I connect a dvd recorder to a TV that has freeview built in?

I used to use a set top box and normal telly, and my dvd recorder and video were both plugged into that. Now I have a tV with built-in freeview, I can't connect the DVD recorder. Which device takes the orignal external antenna?


Not sure how, but I know you can. I record off Freeview, but my hubby is an electronics wizz

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How do you set up/connect an Insignia converter box when there is a video/DVD box involved?

I have the converter box and i was able to get it work on a regular TV (no video/DVD box). When i try to set it up using the instructions in the User Guide for it for the video/DVD wiring, i can't get it to work. There is no picture and so i try tuning...


1) connect your antenna to the RF input on the Insignia 2) then connect the RCA cables (yellow, red...

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Connecting a DirecTV box and a DVD recorder to an old set w/ no other video input?

I've got an old Sharp tv set that has a DirecTV box hooked to it for watching regular programming. I just got a dvd player/recorder that I want to hook up to it. There is no separate video input. I've got it plugged in as follows - from satellite to...


the simplest way (which I have done personally) is to purchase an A/V selector. The simple ones run...

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connect your satellite dish cable to your satellite tv box. connect the satellite tv box to your dvd...

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Does anyone know if and how you can connect a set top box to a vhs or dvd recorder to record digital data?

if you can, a diagrahm or some sort of picture would be sensational. thank you for your time to take to answer this. stoney


You need a set top box (Freeview or Sky) with a second SCART connection, remembering that most budget...

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Your scart socket or cable might be faulty. Most freeview boxes have two scart out sockets. Connect...

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