How to connect a psp go to a PS3 controller using a computer?

Let’s learn how to connect a psp go to a PS3 controller using a computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Connecting a Sony PSP Go to a PlayStation 3 enables a user to play PSP Go games with a PlayStation ...

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Can you use a PSP as a controller for PS3?

Hi, I have conected the PSP to the PS3 for the remote play but how do you use the PSP as a controller for PS3 games? Can you use the PSP in any PS3 games other than using the PSP as a controller? I need to know step by step. I heard somwhere you can...


No, you cannot use a PSP to play all PS3 games. It works on games that have PSP support. The simple...

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How to connect a ps3 to a monitor with hdmi.?

I have figured out how to connect a ps3 to a monitor and posting this to other people who need help. I am using a hp monitor 2311x and works with every other monitors who still have a HDMI port. Step 1: Go on your ps3 to a regular tv that works. Step...


FAKE, you need a controller. and do you get sound...

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Help! My PSP hangs up when a game loads save data file screen or the save data at the start of a game!?

Hi people! I would like to ask what happened to my PSP. I really don't know what happened or what caused the problem, all I did was try to make my PSP have a PS3 theme (my CFW is 5.00 M33-6) and I actually found one for my CFW. Now, when I tried to connect...


make sure you copied the tekken 6 in the comp. if you CAN open your psp, you go 2 USB mode and right...

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I know this is not a question but this will help psp users that want videos on their psp?

If you are trying to save a youtube video on your psp, do this: 1. Go to 2. In the step one box, it will have a link called url; click it. 3. Then go to youtube and go to the video you want and copy the url and paste it on the step one box...


or you can go to type in the url , select mp4 format from the drop down box, click...

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Why is my computer refusing to connect to the internet?

AskMefi, my computer is suddenly refusing to connect to the internet. I'm starting to go a little bit nuts. So my new-as-of-last-year computer can't connect to the internet. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit with a Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter (all drivers...


Try disabling the Hamachi Network Interface VPN and if that doesn't work disable wireless and try connecting...

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Why can't my PSP connect to the internet at the same time as my PS3?

My PS3 using a wired connection cannot connect to the playstation network whilst I am using my PSP on the internet. This problem only occurs to my PS3 and not to any other devices I use (computer, ipod, xbox 360).


PSP take a whole buch of wifi i just avoid using at the same time

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Help with the PS3 Controller for Rayman 2 on Windows 7.?

I have just downloaded Rayman 2: The Great Escape off but I’m struggling with setting my controller to play on it. I was told that you can set your PS3 controller to play on your computer but I’m struggling to do so. I downloaded...


I think you can only connect a wired Xbox 360 controller to a computer.

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Vista Toshiba Laptop cannot connect to my Dell computer network?

The router and modem connected to my dell computer are fine, i restarted them and all and my laptop still could not connect. My one friend came over with his laptop today and could connect to our network fine, but our laptop can't. On my laptop, a toshiba...


You have a damaged Windows installation. Use a memory stick to save all your My Documents files. Then...

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