How do I install a ps3 controller on my PC?

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How can I install my ps3 controller to my pc?

I want to be able to play DC Universe Online on my pc, but I am horrible on the keyboard. So I downloaded this thing called XPadder which allows me to use console controllers such as my PS3 controller and my XBOX360 controller. Since I already had the DCUO game on my PS3, I want to use that controller on my PC, but I don't know how to install it. I would really appreciate the help. P.S. My PS3 hard disk file is corrupted which is why I'm playing DCUO on my computer.


1 Download the PS3 DualShock3 Controller Driver file from to your...

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How can i install ps3 controller to pc ?

so for a while ive wanted to make my ps3 controller compatible to my pc but for some reason my ps wont recognize my controller, i have downloaded motion joy and ds3 but for some more


You have to put the xbox 360 option on rather than the ps3 controller option.

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Sorry. Your question violates our acceptable use or call 800-820-0827. Please ask a new...

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Assassins Creed:Brotherhood for PC how do I set up a PS3 Controller?

I recently got AC: Brotherhood for PC and Ive played the past 2 games on PS3, so it would help a lot if I just used the PS3 control scheme. I am able to hook up my PS3 controller to my PC and use it to play, but the set up is all weird. Does anyone know...


Use a PC Mouse/Keyboard emulator program. Best one can be found at

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Why does the PS3 take so long to install games & demo's?

First Off, I am not a fanboy of either system..... I consider myself very un bias, Although I have always preferred my Xbox 360 over my Ps3 because I like the Menu's, Online gaming, and controller better, I do also enjoy my Ps3's Blueray playing capability...


it does it so the playstation doesnt need to constantly use the disc to play the game. the only reason...

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Please help!!! Wanting to hook up my ps3 controller to my laptop?

I have the Nyko Core PS3 controller and I want to install this device on my laptop but every time I plug the controller in the laptop I get "USB Device not recognized" even after downloading motion joy and using the DS3 tool the program fails...


The only thing I can think of is that it only registers Sony-made controllers.

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Need help on ps3 controller as pc controller?

when i connect the ps3 controller and i installed the driver for turning the ps3 controller to a pc controller, it works fine for the main usb ports but when i connect the ps3 controller thru a usb hub (*note: the usb hub already has an external power...


Get the new working controller... Good luck!

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How to get a PS3 controller to be recognized a PS3 controller on my PC?

I know there are many ways to get a PS3 controller to connect to a PC and emulate a xbox360 controller. Are there any ways to make a PS3 controller actually act like a PS3 controller more


if microsoft buyes sony then it is possible.

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Ps3 controller in pc help!!?

i already downloaded te software to use the ps3 controller in the pc and when i go into control panel then game controllers i click on the ps3 controller and then calibrate it. the calibration works fine but it doesnt work when i play cod 2. when i go...


I suggest checking the game Controller Settings. Call of Duty 2, being an older game, may not support...

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Does anyone play MW3 in their PC/Laptop using their PS3 controller with motionjoy?

If someone plays modern warfare 3 on their pc/laptop with their ps3 controller, and if you used the motionjoy program to use your controller to play this cool game, does anyone have the game controls, it seems like i cant move/ adjust every single button...


i just recommend getting xbox 360 controller i tried to set my controller but its really difficult so...

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