How to convert sql query to Hibernate Criteria query?

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Convert a SQL query to Hibernate Criteria

Hi Scenario I'm working on is similar to twitter. What I want to do is get get the statues of followed users using hibernate criteria API. Classes used: User (This one has a many to many relationship to itself mapped by follow table) Status (This one has a foreign key of user who put that) If I'm to write it in a plain old sql this would be it. select * from status where status.user_id IN(select follow_id from follow where follow.user_id = 1) How to achieve this result using Hibernate Criteria...


I think I got the answer to this question. It was fairly simple. So here it goes. Criteria criteria...

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What is the best way to convert JSON to an SQL Query?

I will give a json object it should convert it to a sql query based on the data.


First you'll have to explain what the query is supposed to achieve.

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How do I write a query when the query itself is in the columns of the tables?

For example: I have a table called HD_Es_FilterDetail With columns: filterdetail_ID, filter_ID, field_name, operator and criteria. The combination field_name, operator and criteria should build a SQL an SQL query Thus: Field Name = DueDate Operator ...


Sound like you need dynamic SQL. Look for EXECUTE statement.

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Need SQL Update Query

This is a continuation of question answered by mathtalk-ga. I closed the question by rating it while I still had more to ask. here is the new question: Now that I have the select query complete...


Hi, jimvet-ga: I'm not sure if we are still dealing with the same table as before, which was called...

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Is there a way to use a While within a SQL Union query?

I have the following SQL query. I need to have a WHILE loop in the second half. I can't break the query into two queries, because the queries are in a SSRS report, and need to be in the same table. I get an error where the WHILE is. Is there any way...


Look at Recursive CTE (Common Table Expressions), which is supported from SQL Server 2005.

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Need PHP code to convert a boolean search string into SQL

Well, after banging my head against the wall for a while, and thinking this will require a regular expression or a few (which are mindbending to me) I thought I'd see if someone here might be able to whip something up for this. We have a search form...


trancecan-ga, I have written an include file so you can easily add this functionality to your code...

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Can you try the below query : var q = from table in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             select table; if(a...

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Need to convert MySQL query to Oracle

Table #1 contains Things: an id (integer) and name (string) Table #2 contains Locks: an id of a Thing (, a lock group ( and a specific lock (Locks.lock). Each Thing may have 0 or more Locks associated with it. A user has a set of...


Hi, raymond99-ga: You posted a "MySQL query" as follows: SELECT DISTINCT Things.* FROM Things...

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JPA conditional insertion / RDBMS transactions isolation?

I want to insert a record to an RDBMS table only if the table does not consist of any rows which are "similar" (according to some specific, irrelevant criteria) to the said row. I have a simple SELECT query for checking if any "similar...


You are dealing with an instance of the phantom problem [1]. That means: one transaction does a predicate...

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php, mySQL, and HTML Entering an SQL query directly into an HTML form

QUESTION: Why can't I paste the following SQL into the form I have created and have it work when it works in phpMyADMIN? INSERT INTO foods VALUES ("REFRIED BEANS","CANS",30) The successful answer will explain to me why taking the...


Hello Tom I'm glad I could help solve your problem. The problem was indeed caused by the use of "...

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