How to convert my SQL query to MS Access query?

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SQL Query to MS Access Query

I have a section of SQL code that can be run to show age buckets of a particular workload. Due to some system changes i will soon not be able to access this database through SQL and I do not really follow it. please can someone help me convert this into an MS Access Query, I have included the SQL and Results below, SQL Use MoxieApp select b.mailboxid, b.Name as 'Mailbox', SUM(case when datediff(hh,a.DateRecv,GETUTCDATE()) <= '1' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as '1', SUM(case when datediff(hh,a.DateRecv...


Here is an example of how you can do the date arithmetic: SUM(iif(datediff("h", a.DateRecv...

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In MS Access SQL how can I wirte an add query and access it to a button on a form?

We have an employee table, and we want to add other info to it. Therefore we create a form that includes add button but we could not write the SQL code


If you want to add new employee to the table, try this command: DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO employee...

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What is the best program to Convert an Access Query to MySQL?

I was studding Ms Access for few years, now i want convert Ms Access Database to MySQL. Did it is Possible to convert all the Queries (any type: update, crosstab, append) in Ms Access and User Interface (forms and Reports) thanks


You'll find it easier to convert to MS SQL.… I'd use...

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(MS)SQL Query within a Query

I have a basic sql query which returns all jobs run between specified dates as follows:SELECT job_id, starttime, sizeFROM job_historyWHERE (starttime > FromDate) AND (startTime < ToDate)But I also want the query to return the previous size for...


you need to alias the job_histories so that it's not ambiguous and it compares different job_ids - something...

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Can I create an executable to create a query in MS Access and export the results to Excel?

I have an .mdb database. I created a query. I exported it to excel. That's all fine and dandy... but now I have to help hundreds of others do the same thing. I made a cute little instruction sheet on how to do it step by step, copy/pasting the SQL code...


one idea to think about...instead of exporting from Access to Excel, why not just "import"...

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MS Access Query

I am creating a query in order to create a form to make a table of contents for a policy and procedure guideline book. The order of the policies is exact and I can't figure out how to sort them correctly. Here's an example of what order this should go...


Dominyon, Don't feel stupid. Everybody gets caught by that one sooner or later. :> To summarize...

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MS Access 2007 query filter "is null" stopped working

Been using the query filter "is null" for years, this version Access & previous, with no problems: always returned all records where the specified field was blank. Suddenly, it stopped working in the query I'm currently working in, and...


You will have to be more specific about the records the query now returns. "Blank" can mean...

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In MS Excel, how can I use a value in a cell as a table name in an SQL query?

We have an sql query, like: SELECT * FROM 2010_ITEMS. Table names do change but the left of the query is the same. Instead of changing the query every times, I want to use the value of another cell in the Excel. For example, I want to have: A1 Cell:...


The formula should go like this: ="Select * FROM " & A1 & "_ITEMS" and then...

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open query crate new table pull data from query then open in design view and add field

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MS Access Query Query

Complicated (or probably not complicated) MS Access question that I'm not sure how to google for. So I have a table called Sequences which contains SeqNum (primary key), ID (a train service ID) and Node (a place the train goes through). I have another...


What you want is to play with the join properties (you can right click on the join in your query) to...

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