How can I optimize this dynamic SQL query in oracle with PL/SQL?

Let’s learn how can I optimize this dynamic SQL query in oracle with PL/SQL. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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PL/SQL Dynamic SQL - Oracle

OPEN FOR, FETCH, and CLOSE Statements. If the dynamic SQL statement represents a SELECT statement that returns multiple rows, you can process it with native dynamic ...

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SQL: select left(Member, CHARINDEX( ' ', Member) - 1) Oracle: select left(Member, INSTR( ' ', Member...

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ORACLE ---------- * It is a software package, that is used to handle or to maintaine the databse. *...

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You mention Oracle, so are you aware of the fact that you can download a free version of of Oracle database...

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Differences between sub query and joins in SQL(Oracle)?

What are the differences between Sub query and Joins in Oracle SQL and when to use the sub query and when to use joins in queries?


Ask Tom "joins vs subquery , Exists clause " they (joins/subqueries) are semantically different...

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"Can anyone help me to prepare a Good Resume for Oracle Pl/Sql Developer?"

I am working in some IT company, but now i want to change my Domain. I want to work as Oracle Pl/Sql Developer or Oracle Developer, but i don't have a single person for guidance. Kindly help me, especially in Resume Preparation. I am willing to pay,...


You can get those skills and marketing words in Hire freelancers and find freelance jobs instantly....

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Query from different database Connections Oracle SQL develoepr?

Is it possible to write a query over two different database connections (both are oracle databases - they have different sign on credentials etc) I'm trying to join sales data on a server in the UK to product data on a server in France. Can I do this...


This would be dependent on your programming language - typically you create a connection object or something...

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Which one paid more Computer Networking or Oracle pl/sql ?

i have done B.Tech in I.T(2010).i am in Networking profile.i am confused in which profile i should go networking or software? is networking has good career scope? please tell me which paid more network engineer or Oracle pl/sql ?


If you're going purely by bucks alone, probably Oracle simply because those tend to be larger commercial...

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Can i get a government job in TN as i have 3.1 years of work experience in IT company with (Oracle/PL/Sql)?

I am a Software engineer having 3.1 years of work experience with oracle pl/SQL and proc , i have gap of 2 years because of my 3 yrs old daughter now i am planning to search for jobs more


Visit the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission site for information on available jobs.

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I need some Help in Oracle SQl Query?

Can we use 2 "DISTINCT" expressions in the same line.. in oracle sql which gives a proper distinct output?? example SELECT DISTINCT manager_id,first_name FROM employees


What is a proper distinct output ? The DISTINCT output applies to the complete output, i.e. all columns...

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