How to create a calendar in iOS?

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Create or add calendar in iOS application

I am working on an application which needs a calendar in it. Is there a framework I could use to add a calendar? Or should I create one by my own? And could I do that? I need to add events in the calendar similar to those in the iOS Calendar.


There's a page called CocoaControls where you cand find stuff like this. Maybe you are not interested...

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What are good ways to create a calendar based iOS app?

I need to build an app, which looks just like iCal in iOS. What should I do? Ideally a user should be able to click on a date and see the events for it.


You can find one in klazuka library. It is an open source and available on github at klazuka/Kal

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Ios 5 on iPhone 4 calendar help?

I just updated my phone to ios 5, and I'm having trouble with the calendar. I checked the Apple site and they said to just tap and create an event, but it doesn't work. How do you add an event to the calendar straight from the phone?


Morgan, I'm having the same problem. Looks like it is a Yahoo Calendar problem. I just went to this...

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I want to create a calendar for my boss. How can I create a calendar in an outlook email that can be edited?

My boss want a calendar made each week highlighting weekly events. I created a nifty looking one with the MS paint program, but technically that's a picture inserted into an email so she can't edit it. Is there a way I can create a calendar in an outlook...


1. On the File menu, click New. 2. In the New Document task pane (task pane: A window within an Office...

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Will iOS ever allow developers to create native functionalities that can go beyond apps, more like plug-ins?

"There is an app for that" is passe! I envision a huge success if Apple allows its developers to create native functionalities so that its users can buy them and add them to the iOS core and improve its customization. This way, the users do...


Apple probably won't allow developers to alter any core system func... You must be signed in to read...

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What's a good to-do app for Mac & iOS that syncs with iCal/Google Calendar?

I am using an iMac with Mountain Lion as my desktop, and an iPhone 4S with iOS6 as my cell phone. I use OSX's and iOS's native apps for email, contacts, and calendar, which are provided by Google Apps.What I need is a GTD (to do) application for the...


Things doesn't, no. I use it a lot and the only thing I miss is the ability to set an actual reminder...

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Why does Facebook populate the iOS 6 Calendar app with both Facebook events and birthdays, while the Mac OS X Calendar app gets only birthdays? When will this oversight be resolved?

Seems like a strange omission. What's weirder, I could have sworn that until yesterday, Calendar for OS X was in fact showing Facebook events in addition to birthdays, just like on iOS Calendar. I'm so confused. What's going on? And when will it be resolved...


The Mac only gets birthdays from Facebook because it can only sync contacts and the birthdays are on...

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Is it possible to have a common calendar, capable of being viewed as well as updated, respectively, both from Outlook on the desktop (actually Entourage on osx) as well as on Google Calendar from mobile (AND on both IOS and android!)?

I know i know, insane kluge; but i suspect many have similar if less overwrought issues: I'm a longtime Outlook user who went Mac several years ago, but for whom continuity and easy access back to dates and people from the mid/late '90s is important...


Neither Entourage, nor Outlook for Mac sync directly with Google calendar, however, both can sync with...

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How do I create a Google Calendar event from a Gmail message?

So I'm trying to go from a really well integrated Outlook Email/Tasks/calendar integration to gmail because of the universal access.  I can see how to create a task from an email but can't see how to create a calendar event with either the text in the...


As Brook Warner says, Gmail will try to do it automatically for you, if it can recognise the event details...

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I neither want a group's calendar in my personal calendar nor do I want to create a new address for groups?

A group that I just joined has events every day that do not pertain to my life. I do not want them showing up in my calendar. I want a feature that allows me to opt out of the group's calendar. I need updates but not every event and certainly not in...


It seems the only option you have is to Spam the address of the sender. They will no longer have access...

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