How to create a loop for below code?

Let’s learn how to create a loop for below code. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by WordPress.

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Create a short code to display a specific loop

I'm breaking my head trying to create a short code to display certain loop, however I'm totally cut, I can not figure it out how to do it, since it's the first time I try to do it... I do now want to set any parameter, just put exactly as it if... I would appreciate if anyone can light me... This is the code I want to put into the shortcode <div class="clear"></div> <div class="childs grid_12"> <?php $the_query = new WP_Query( array( 'post_parent' =>...


Take a look at my latest plugin ShortCodes UI which lets you create shortcodes without coding, all you...

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Algorithm: adding fractions using 'for' loop

QUESTION: Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to view my question and answer according to your expertise. I am trying to design (write a program in C++ or pseudo code) for a 'For' loop that will calculate a series of numbers. The problem...


Edit: Hi Again Thank you for the kind review. Please understand that the back and forth you experienced...

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Can someone run this code for me? My computer won't run it.?

include <stdio.h> double powern (double, unsigned); int main () { double sum = 0.0; unsigned i; for ( i = 1; i <= 200000000; i++) { sum += powern (i, i % 5); } printf ("sum = %g\n", sum); return 0; } double powern (double d, unsigned...


do not know sorry...

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Help with counting code in Flash?

Help with code for counting This question is Not Answered.(Mark as assumed answered) Hi I am new at coding and such, in school they give us project builders before the assignments, they are generally much harder but are for practice and trial and error...


7 IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I need you to write four .java files:,,, and that produce the characteristics given below. There is a base class Creature, with source code in Four classes derived from Creature shall be...


As always, please use the "Request Clarification" button to request clarification or solicit...

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What am I doing wrong with this code?

This was the first case study code. package sequence1; /** * * @author Daniel */ public class Sequence1 { int firstNumber = 0; int secondNumber = 1; int nextNumber = 0; public void displaySequence() { System.out.println(firstNumber); System.out.println...


Show your code && errors. = The people can help you make it work right.

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Could someone help me on the For loop in this program(I have broke this up to make it easy to read)?

This is the program I am createing , I have the broke up part below and below the sections I name is my actual partually completly code 2/3 is done and I am now stuck on doing the for loop. Could someone please explain how one works and what lines of...


You forgot to tell what is your problem, when you say "broken" what it means ?? (not working...

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Excel vba code

QUESTION: In need of vba code to search an entire workbook from user input for a variable and then copy and paste the row that the variable is found to another worksheet. ANSWER: Lynne It shouldn't be too hard to do that. A little more information will...


Lynne This seems to work for me. I added the InputBox and tested it for numeric and nonnumeric values...

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How do I create an average application using java with these loops?

I have to create an average application using a for loop, a while loop, and a do while loop. NOT in the same program. so far I have public class stuff{ public static void main (String [] args){ int num1,num2,num3; int enter; Scanner input = new Scanner...


for(initializer;condition to continue;increment/decrement) for(int i=0;i<10;i++){ //loop var "...

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Need help with Java code!!!?

The code I have compiles but when I run it I get: Salesperson Sales -------------------- 1 0 2 4 3 5 Salesperson 3 had the highest sale with $5.00 Salesperson 0 had the lowest sale with $0.00 Here are the directions I have and my code. Help please!!...


for (int i=0+1; i < sales.length; i++) { System.out.print("Enter sales for salesperson "...

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