How to create a new blog?

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How can a create blog without php or mysql?

I know that a lot of people think this is silly, but i want to put a blog on a free web space provider, where i don't have php or mysql support (because i have a website on and on a free account there is no php or mysql support). Please tell me that there is a script or a free program that i can use to create blog-like posts on my website (without using Blogger or other free blog provider, or posting every news like a new html page).


You can always run your blog on They offer free hosting for startup blogs. The best way...

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How do I automatically create a new window, blog stylee? template query - I'm using the Minima Ochre template. What HTML can I add to the template to make all links open in a new window? I love linking to interesting things I find as I trot round the web on my blog. However, I'd also like those...


The following HTML code will enable you to open all of your links in a new window. Stick it between...

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How can I create a community site/blog which makes it really easy for new authors to join and post?

I like WordPress's multiple author functionality, but it's too complex for new authors. Blogger only allows up to 100 authors, which is not enough - the engagement on this site's idea is dependent on turning readers into authors (well, posters, rather...


Inure - Find content for your Blog! Try out this tool. I've found that it gives you bloggers with similar...

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How a blogger user can create a new page in his/her blog ?

How a blogger user can create a new aside page that be linked to his/her blog ?


I had a similar question when I started with Blogger last month. I made an entirely separate Blogger...

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How to create a new page on my blog on

Imagine I have a blog Then how would I create a page ? Is this possible? Then how?


LOL Mark.... how about french kiss ha? @ )( @

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How to create a new blog website?

Question about how to create a new blog website


Need web site design and development then domain and hosting

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How and where can I create a blog?

I wanted to create a blog of myself wherein I can write my articles on various issues. But in Yahoo services I couldn't see a place where I can create a blog for myself? Their service '' is useless because it expects me to have already having...


In terms of Yahoo!, MyBlogLog is a visitor tracking service and way to create a community based on existing...

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How to make a blog and get a money from create blog,Anyone help..?

Can u describe a step to create a blog and activated it ? Can u describe how to ensure money come to my blog ? Can u describe how to register my blog ? Can u describe what topic more


I'm earning with my website using just few methods...banners, popups and popunders, interstitial adv...

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How to create a good blog?

Hi Friends , I am planning to create my own blog . I am new to this concept . Please suggest me some resources for good blog designs . I am in confusion to decide which blog to go for. Please suggest me which blog is best like wordpress,blogger etc


Blogger is a good free service. I have a blog there. my2cents

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How to create a blog?

I want to know how to create a blog, i'm not aware of blogs creation and don't know about blog. plz tell me what is blog and how to create it.


blog is like a journal or diary but its online and there's a lot of websites that host a blog for you...

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