how to create a new syntax in java?

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Syntax error trying to create an sql table from Java

I want to create a table and this table's name will be inserted from a textfield. However when I run the query it's giving me an error, any help on this one? I'll paste the code here: public boolean CreateTable() { TableNumber = jTextField4.getText(); try { String password = null; String s = "CREATE TABLE '"+TableNumber+ "' (Item char(50),Price char(50))"; ConnectionForOrders(); stmt = conn.createStatement(); stmt.executeUpdate(s); boolean f = false; ConnectionForOrdersclose...


I'll start by assuming your '" gaff is a typo because it shouldn't even compile that way (I edited...

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What are the steps to use ANTLR to create an abstract syntax tree of Java source code and then walk the tree?

I have successfully installed antlr and the java.g4 grammar. Now, I want to take a java source code file as an input and create a AST and then walk it (in netbeans). How do I do this?


Unlike ANTLR3, version 4 generates parse tree (AST) by default. JavaLexer lexer = new JavaLexer(input...

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ANTLR: Which is the best parser  for Java to create AST (Abstract Syntax tree?

I want to create AST(Abstract Syntax Tree) form java source.I am thinking of using Antlr what are its pros and cons


You can leverage the javac compiler's API to get an AST and walk the tree nodes. Sun released the Compiler...

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Is there a shortcut syntax in Java to create and initialize an ArrayList, much like one does for an Array?

I want to make an ArrayList in Java quick and easy with one line of code. To do this with an array i would simply type: 1. int[] array = { 1, 2, 3 }; Is there an equivalent for ArrayLists? To clarify, one would usually type: 1. ArrayList<Integer>...


Use a unnamed code block. This unnamed block is executed after the instance is created .

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Wrote an answer below before you added "In Java itself". The question was making so much more...

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I'm trying to create a variable (name) with 20 characters inside a Java program. In C programming, we use : char name[20]; I tried char name = new char[20]; in Java but it doesn't work. How can we create a variable with 20 characters inside a Java program...


You were close. char[] name = new char[20]; is the correct syntax. You can't forget the [] in the initialization...

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Can you help me display the amount of time between now and April 24, 2011 in java?

I am trying to make a countdown from now until April 24, 2011. I wan't it to display days hours minutes and seconds. I am trying to us my old code from class but cannot remember the syntax too well. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks! Here is my code...


Perhaps studying the documentation will help you sort things out:

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Translate Java into Jython

Help me translate this Java into Jython(Python)... I usually horse around in Python but my job is making me use some use some Java libraries thus my resorting to Jython. I am trying to use the an API to access the Enterprise version of SourceForge. VA...


I can explain the Java, I'll leave to you the transliteration into Jython. Piece by piece: mSfSoap ...

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How Long Would It Take Me To Program Plugins and Mods in Java?

I've always wanted to be a programmer in life, I want to create plugins for and create mods, games, and applications in java. I am ok at HTML, although I know it doesn't pass as programming due to being a markup language. I can easily...


Depends on how fast you learn. I personally found it easier to learn C++ then Java, as Java is remotely...

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How to pass an "Array of Class" as a parameter into a Method (in JAVA)?

There are my codes... public static void main(String[] args) { IceCream[] flavour = new IceCream[2]; flavour[0] = new IceCream("Mint", false); flavour[1] = new IceCream("Chocolate", false); fnMainMenu(flavour); //what is the correct...


void fnMainMenu( IceCream[] f ) { // do whatever } IceCream findFlavor( IceCream [] f ) { for( int i...

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