How to create a java applet?

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How to store data for a java applet

I have to create a java applet that needs to access static data which is around 600k in size. This data is exported from an sql database. What is the the best format for that data to be stored in (xml, json, java include file), to get fastest/easiest access to it. I am a complete java noob and this question might be stupid, but is there a way to 'compile' this data in to executable so there are no additional requests to server once the applet is loaded. Thanks in advance!


I do not know what do you mean when you mention 'java include file'. All the rest is OK. You can use...

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How do I create a Java Applet?

is there an easy way of doing this, at the moment I am using netbeans and it doesn't seem to work...


Netbeans does work. It's just likely that you don't know what you're doing or don't know how to program...

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Java. Need to create a java program to display an applet with 10 blue vertical stripes and 10 green?

Java. Need to create a java program to display an applet with 10 blue vertical stripes and (10 green) horizontal Stripes (10pixels) It must use loops and methods.


public class xyz extends Applet { int w, h; public void init() { w=getWidth(); h=getHeight(); } public...

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I am facing proble to create table in yahoo chess java applet error window apperaing?

I was able to play chess in this computer , but from yesterday i able to login to chess and it is showing connected to server when i click create table JAVA applet window error appearing and not creating table Please help me to rectify this problem to...


go to to download and install the lastest java software, then you try again...

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I need to create an applet in Java?

It needs to display images of playing cards. The applet should shuffle the deck (use a random number generator) and display the first 10 cards of the shuffled deck. Display the cards more


here I have got smtng hope this will help u import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import

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How do you write this program in java as an applet?

Random Colors, Sizes, and Locations Save as Create an applet that draws an oval (filled in) and a rectangle (outline). Each time the applet is run it draws the shapes above at a different location and a different size and changes the color...


Ask your teacher for help.

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How to make a java filechooser applet??? kindly give me some links in the internet... please...?

i need to create a simple java filechooser applet for my application....


I dont know why you didnt google it yourself.. tutorial on how to make one

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Java wouldn't load chatsites?

When it loads, it loads, then it stops, and comes up with. 'Error Loading. Click for details.' So i click, then it says this; load: class com.chatspace.v400320.Chat not found. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.chatspace.v400320.Chat at sun.plugin...


I think after installation Java you need to select the path.... thats why you got error. And also check...

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