How to load a Java web app in the terminal?

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How to load a java web app in the terminal? - Stack Overflow

I have a java web app developed on Struts and deployed on a Tomcat server. I want to run commands and use the functions of the app using the console - something like ...

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How do you load test a web app that uses Java applet?

and making sure that the java applet successfully fired, while reporting on all instances of the test?


Impetus SandStorm can effectively record and creat test scripts for an applet based application. It...

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Why don't I see the home page in the browser in the following Spring web app?

Here is the controller that I use @Controller public class ProjectController { @Autowired private ProjectService ProjectService; @Autowired public ProjectController(ProjectService ProjectService){ this.ProjectService = ProjectService; } @RequestMapping...


Following were the issues and corresponding solutions 1) The project doesn't have webapp folder. When...

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How do I resolve BeanDefinitionStoreException: IOException parsing XML document from ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/dispatcher-servlet.xml] in Java Spring MVC web project?

Error Stack trace:     SEVERE: StandardWrapper.Throwable     org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException: IOException parsing XML document from ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/dispatcher-servlet.xml]; nested exception is


Try unpacking your war file to check if the file is in the WEB-INF folder. It clearly complains that...

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Which framework is most suitable for CRUD web app with reporting, security, templates, localisation and multitenancy?

I have created a CRUD web app using a java based RAD tool called Wavemaker. The app uses a lot of master grids that when a row is clicked opens a detail dialog. I am now going to redevelop the app with another language and framework. I am trying to decided...


I'd advocate Rails for your needs (versus Django).  I'd strongly advise against zend, and have no experience...

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Why won't java based web browser load a web page?

Found a java based web browser source code online, but for some reason or another, the program won't open the page and keeps returning the error. i am not sure if there is a corrupted file in the java JDE that I have, or if it's something else. here...


Maybe because you put down the incorrect variables. Enter the new variables and correct 'em before moving...

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Just finished reading HEAD FIRST JAVA, whats next for me? I want to create a massive web app in java using free databases and web services?

I graduated with a boring accounting degree but was lucky to get a job in oracle database development. I love computer science as much as I hate accounting! :). So I really love programming. Experts, please propose a few paths for to consider to become...


Do you want to share your idea?

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What are pros and cons for url structure of a SaaS multi tenant web-app regarding scalability / load-balancing?

I would like to know the pros and cons of choosing a URL structure for a multi tenant web-application. I also think that this could impact scalability of the site when traffic grows. The dimensions of the application I see are two main things: - mini...


There seems to be 3 approaches to URL structure: - a customer gets...

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I want to know the best front end framework that  I can use for Java web app or PHP web app?.

From mockups to production UI within minutes. I should be able to build test app with nice widgets within minutes. I see Bootstrap from Twitter and swiffyUI from java community. The thing is I am not that great in front end stuff like javascript. I want...


Hey there ! To get started off in less time with not much hassle you can use HTML 5 BoilerPlate or Bootstrap...

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What are some Java web app "bootstrap" or "kickstart" projects?

Java web application templates with a selected set of components that can be used as a base for actual projects. Or, "app skeleton" generators. Either Web UI, or Web Services.


The Maven web archetype can be used to build you a simple web app project structure. Once you have Maven...

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