How to make a native chat app in Swift?

Let’s learn how to make a native chat app in Swift. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Create a chat app with swift | Udemy

Create a chat app with swift ... If you want to make a chat application from scratch or use this code to upgrade your existing application this course is for you!

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How to make Facebook chat instant app in windows?

How to make facebook chat application for windows . I have some knowledge in programming on java,python,c/c++. How to implement fb chat api with my app. App like ebuddy,nimbuzz but not like commercial one just for some mini project using facebook api


Facebook chat is simply a Jabber server running on port 5222 on The user is facebookusername...

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Ditto George Moromisato's answer to Why didn't Facebook choose Node.js or Go over C++ when moving away...

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How can I Initiating a chat between two non Facebook friends via a FB app?

I'm working on a FB app that does introductions, and I'm looking for a way to make the app to introduce and initiate a chat between two Facebook users who are not direct friends. Since messages from non-friends aren't alerted/notified in the menu upper...


Hey If You Find A Loop Between Them Say One Or More Mutual Friend(s) The Message Will Go Straight Into...

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Do you think this app could be used for a more positive relationship building exercise?

University of Missouri professor on team that helped create anti-violence app By Ashley Jost Monday, February 17, 2014 at 2:00 pm To help combat relationship violence involving college-age women, a group of researchers created a smartphone app to help...


I'm not sure if a single phone app could really do anything. Nowadays, people are so reliant on technology...

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Startup Product Marketing: What is the right breakthrough point to promote our social App outside China?

Our product, Momo, is a very simple mobile app. It's created to help people meet and make friends with people nearby. After 1 year and 4 months, we got 20 million users all over the world. Of course, most of them are living in China. A few months ago...


Honestly, it sounds like a great app. It seems like since your user base in China uses it as a dating...

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Foolproof app for video chat between a Samsung Galaxy Tab and an iPad?

After a demonstration with Facetime, my dad would like to regularly video chat with his grandson. Grandson owns an iPad 2. I've tried to talk Dad into buying an iPad too but he's attracted to the lower price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. I'm getting...


Google+ (Google Hangout app). It's what I use for this exact purpose with my mom. He will have to sign...

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So I got mytouch4g phone for christmas and the facebook app for android wont load my friends for chat.?

every time i try to use chat on the Facebook app for android it says, "cannot retrieve your friend list right now please try again later." or it keeps loading and never stops. I uninstalled the app and re installed it, and I synced my contacts...


Maybe next Christmas, hope to get an IOS

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A robot that will help me make decisions.

Looking for an app or desktop program that will help me clarify my thoughts and make decisions. Requirements within. In the early 80s, I had a program for my Apple IIC called "Decision Maker" (or something similar). You'd enter the options...


I think I've found the program you were talking about - Is this screen shot familiar?

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