How to make a simple Facebook canvas app?

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Make my facebook app (not a canvas app, its on website) work on https as well as on http, and with www. as well as without www

I have facebook app which is non canvas,the website URL of the app is specified without www. Now when i goto my app with the app doesnt work. and also also the same problem with protocol as well. so how do i solve this problem?


It sounds like two thing. 1) Your DNS records are mixed up not allowing www.domain.tld and domain.tld...

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Why am I seeing extremely low Facebook app request accept rate?

I have recently launched a Canvas App on Facebook, which is a social game that asks players to challenge their friends to a match. However, out of the 700+ requests sent out by players, only 1 was accepted, as displayed in Insights. What could be the...


A great many people simply do not want to receive Facebook app requests from games and either turn them...

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I have developed Facebook app for my website. but i dont know how to setup canvas url. where to host Facebook app? is my website. is app on facebook. i am using hostgator as hot. but i dont know how to get canvas url. please help


You will probably get much better help by submitting this question, which technical detail, on this...

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Can you make money off of Facebook ads running in your Facebook app?

If you create a Facebook app, can you run Facebook ads in it and make money, like how you can put AdSense on your website and make money? If so how does it work?


You can't run "facebook ads" inside your app. But you can work with one of the companies from...

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How to make Facebook chat instant app in windows?

How to make facebook chat application for windows . I have some knowledge in programming on java,python,c/c++. How to implement fb chat api with my app. App like ebuddy,nimbuzz but not like commercial one just for some mini project using facebook api


Facebook chat is simply a Jabber server running on port 5222 on The user is facebookusername...

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How do I make the Facebook app on my iPhone stop showing me notifications?

I have an iPhone 4S, and I put the Facebook app on it so I could post to Facebook. But it's annoying me now because, even though I went to the settings on the phone, and turned off all the "push notifications" the number still come up. Every...


best thing log out of ur account!in the app!

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Facebook messenger app will not make noise when I get a message! Please help!?

I just downloaded the Facebook messenger app because my phone says I have too much internal storage when I have the typical Facebook app downloaded. I've been trying to figure out more


Check the settings to see if anything has changed.

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What privacy settings should a guy have on his Facebook to make sure his Facebook profile data doesn't end up on the Lulu app?

Apparently, the Lulu (app) can technically extract some guy's Facebook profile data if the privacy settings are not too tight. I'm particularly referring to the questions raised in this article: Terms & Conditions: Sorry gents, Lulu has you hanging...


Depends on what you mean by "profile data". Certain things on your profile are considered...

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How do you make a facebook app?

I want to make a facebook app, that isnt a quiz [i have looked up other app makers and they're all quizes. they say things like; enter the results, result a), b) and so on] more


In order to create a Facebook application, you should need to be able to program, they suggest languages...

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I want to make an app like Facebook or foursquare, what are some of the legal and privacy issues I have to deal with?

I've recently heard Facebook made an app called slingshot that might conflict with snapchat's patent. If i were to make an app that has to do with social media how would I know if I am violating someone else's patent? Would I need to look up each and...


This is not an easy question.  The amount of effort you want to put into your patent searches and licensing...

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