How to create a Restful web service in .Net Using MySQL?

Let’s learn how to create a Restful web service in .Net Using MySQL. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Create a JSON Restful Web Service in C#/ASP with ...

I followed This to Create a RESTful Web Service which Displays Json as output So that I can use this JSON in the ... Web Applications; Ask Ubuntu; Webmasters; Game ...

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How can I create a web service using PHP and MySQL?

How to create a web service by php&mysql


If you're really determined to use PHP, then start with a well documented PHP web framework. http:...

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I think you may have some wires crossed here. JSON is a standard and simple way to represent hierarchical...

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How do I create a RESTful API using Python?

I need to create an API for the web app of our startup. The backend is in PHP/MySQL. I wanted to first make a python api before i make apis in other languages. i know there is the Django REST framework that can be used to create API. i wanted to know...


1)The python API can retrieve data directly from your database, PHP is not really required here. Here...

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How do we build a web site based on some Filemaker databases?

My mother-in-law is a horse breeder and wants to create a web site that shows the lineage of a particular breed of horses. She has some of the data in a Filemaker 5.5 database, but needs to expand it greatly and put it online. How can we go about doing...


Have a look at this software called Breeder's Assistant. It's basically a genealogy program for critters...

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Should I use Apache Thrift or TastyPie for a Django RESTful API?

I could allow a user to connect to a Django URI, which would then make an outbound connection to my Thrift application server or I could do the same approach via TastyPie. Would one approach be better than the other? [ADDED]: I may not entirely understand...


If I understand the question correctly, these are the two options you have at the moment, Client --...

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Does Instagram use a RESTful Django framework?

You know Instagram started as a mobile app on IOS backed by web service powered by django, so my question are they using restful architecture , and is that's why it where easy to them to create the web site later , and how they limited the sign up functionality...


It's likely they're using a RESTful multi-tiered web application architecture. This means that their...

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How to create a database for program to use in MySQL?

Hi I'm trying to run a PHP chat bot called Program E. The installation instructions asks me to "Create a database for the program to use in MySQL". I have PHP5, MySQL, Apache2 on Ubuntu 8.10. My question is, how do I actually create a database...


Write mysqladmin in a dos window followed by the database name you want to create C:\>mysqladmin...

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What would be the name of this software architecture? and Do you see any immediate flaws in the design?

I am in the planning stage of a median web application, this app is a social network for organizations such as a corporate social network, used by the staff internally, but with not much features, only the basics like as chat, real time posts, comments...


While there is nothing wrong in the individual components you have chosen, they are just too many stacks...

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How to grant exclusive access to a web service from just those PCs?

Using PHP/MySQL/javascript: I need a way to grant exclusive access to a web service from just 2 or more PCs sharing the same public IP address, which is dynamically assigned by the ISP; I can setup these PCs as needed, and I must make an outside PC has...


Oh, I wasn't aware, but you should also check out the bit on the Allow From page that talks about UserAgent...

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