How to create a table in PHP with MySQL?

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create a table with php and mysql using SHOW CREATE TABLE

I'm trying to create an exact duplicate of another table via php by using SHOW CREATE TABLE. I only want to change the table name, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. If the old table's name is table_1, I want the new one to be table_2. This didn't work. Didn't really expect it to, but that's how far I got: $t = $DB->fetch("SHOW CREATE TABLE table_1"); $t[0] = "table_2"; $DB->query($t[1]);


The following query will create new table, column attributes and indexes will also be copied. CREATE...

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Execute a SELECT INTO statement on the mysql database: INSERT INTO destination_table (id, first_name...

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Where do I put down the codes that create a talbe in mysql using php?

Do I create a new php file and name it with anything I want, then input the codes (below) "in" the php file? A table should be created in mysql after I save this php file? <?php // Make a MySQL Connection mysql_connect("localhost"...


yeah, you should create a file with a php extension and just paste this code there. I have made some...

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Create downloadable iCal files in PHP/MySQL/Bootstrap?

I have a PHP webpage that lists events happening at a conference by reading from a MySQL database. Is there an easy way to have PHP create downloadable iCal files so people can download individual events to their iphones/Androids etc., without my having...


The quick and dirty way is to probably tack whatever variable you need onto the end of the link e.g...

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How can I get the remainder from two values from MySQL in PHP?

Hi, I'm new to php and MySQL. I'm trying to create a chart which displays numerical data from MySQL. I could draw a chart with pChart, but I couldn't get the remainder of two values. Well, this is MySQL data table (first row and second row) --------...


You want to use modular arithmetic, which, in MySQL, is the '%' operator.  So, for example: mysql&#...

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What method is best to use country table in mysql, php? JSON, xml or mysql table?

i am using country table in mysql using php? which is the best method ?   xml or JSON or mysql table JSON: eg json.php $country = array('1'=>'india','2'=>'us'); xml:       <xml>         <countries>               <country id...


I would use a cached xml file, but that is strictly a matter of my own personal preference. All are...

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Php creating a table in mysql using a variable as table name.?

Hi, Im trying to create a table in mysql using variable $signupemail as table name. Here is my code mysql_select_db("profiles",$connect); mysql_query("CREATE TABLE ".$signupemail." (FirstName VARCHAR(30), LastName VARCHAR(30...


its been a while since i worked with php, but it looks good to me. try setting the query as a variable...

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HOw do I get PHP/MySQL output in a table to be numbered?

have a MySQL DB that has a DB w/ one table, that having two rows. I use this PHP to retrieve it and put it into a table (It's for hi-scores): $fetch = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM scores ORDER BY score DESC LIMIT 10"); while($row = mysql_fetch...


First thing, it's not a good idea to do SELECT *, just select the fields that you want, even if * is...

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How to import mysql data from one host(Godady) to another host ? i am trying to import this but every time it gives an error like -- Table structure for table accessaccess -- CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS  accessaccess (   aidaid INT( 11 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREME

-- Table structure for table accessaccess -- CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS accessaccess ( aidaidINT( 11 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , maskmaskVARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', typetypeVARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', statusstatusTINYINT( 4 ) NOT NULL...


this isn't an error message, it is the mysqldump output for the CREATE TABLE statement.

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How to insert data into a mysql table from an array using php?

am new to php and need help regarding array insertion into mysql table i have an array when i add and item to the shopping cart $_session['cart_array'] = array("item_id" => $pid, "quantity"=>1) now if i have one item in cart...


if it were me, I would loop through the array and build the query, then execute it once. Like this ...

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