How to write a query for PHP and MySQL?

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how to write php MySql query

I would like to be able to make a selection from a select-box and view the selected table. My skill level with php/MySQL at this point is: $query = "SELECT * FROM electrical ORDER BY item_id LIMIT $offset, $RPP"; With this query the div is populated on page load. I have a select box that has 6 choices: <form> <select name="dbtables" onchange="showTable(this.value)" id="selectBox"> <option value="">Select a materials table:...


in your index.php pick the $str value using $_GET method and construct the query. then run that query...

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Simple PHP/MySql Question Regarding Arithmetic Function

I'm a very novice PHP/MySql programmer, and I'm building a page that will display results from a MySql database, using PHP. It's quite elementary, but I've developed a brainlock over it. Here are the facts: The MySql database logs in user registrations...


Hello: Show the information you need could be done in two steps: -First: Extract the data from the...

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Php mysql how to display the number of albums an artist has?

$dbQuery="select id, name from artists where name like '$keyword%' order by name asc limit 15"; $dbResult=mysql_query($dbQuery); echo mysql_num_rows($dbResult)."\n"; while ($dbRow=mysql_fetch_array($dbResult)) { // for each artist...


you'll probably have to us a join with another table. but as you don't describe wihch tables you have...

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php, mySQL, and HTML Entering an SQL query directly into an HTML form

QUESTION: Why can't I paste the following SQL into the form I have created and have it work when it works in phpMyADMIN? INSERT INTO foods VALUES ("REFRIED BEANS","CANS",30) The successful answer will explain to me why taking the...


Hello Tom I'm glad I could help solve your problem. The problem was indeed caused by the use of "...

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How to read a mySQL query (through PHP) into JavaScript variables using AJAX?

Hi, I have written an AJAX program that interfaces with a mySQL database through PHP pages. Inserting records is no problem at all but I have not figured out how to read a query into individual JavaScript variables yet. I'd like the query results to...


You have the PHP page return text that creates a JavaScript array, e.g.: <?php echo "var myArray...

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$query command syntax problem with php (MySQL)?

When I try to make a MySQL query string ("SELECT Name, Desc, Link FROM Site") I get this error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Desc, Link...


Sorry im not being smart but none of that makes any sense to me.. What is an SQL version 4. 1. 22 standard...

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MySQL Query SUM() function (in PHP)?

Hi, my problem is when I try to run the MySQL SUM() function through PHP it just returns a completely blank array. Here is my PHP code (modified): $var = mysql_query("SELECT SUM(uniques) FROM stats WHERE unqiues BETWEEN '1000' AND '2000'")...


The mysql_query() function returns a result handle (a reference to a list of results that then need...

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MySQL query to two databases via php.

On my Win2000/IIS5 server, I have two mySQL databases ("NYC" and "LA") on a single server. Tables in the databases are the same (e.g. DB1 has the same tables as DB2). Table "employees" in each database has fields "fname...


Hi, There are two ways we can do this; a) use a temp table to place the results from this query into...

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PHP / MySql query and/or script

tablePkId | userFkId | colorFkId | ----------+----------+-----------| 1 | 11 | 22 | -- ----------+----------+-----------| 2 | 12 | 25 | YES ----------+----------+-----------| 3 | 13 | 25 | YES ----------+----------+-----------| 4 | 14 | 25 | -- ----...


Klausb-ga, Thanks for your interesting question! The problem can be solved with the following SQL query...

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Wonder if there are anyone with experience to write/deal with specification/SOW for web projects (Php, MySQL, and MongoDB) when it comes to security but also benchmarking / performance and scale?

We are in the process of invest and building a new platform for our "City Destinations" venture which is hybrid of news/magazine and social network with added services like places/business guide, real estate and much more. It will be both web...


In the realm of PHP vulnerabilities I'd say you should definitely invest some time/research in PHpass...

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