How to write a complex query with doctrine?

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Write complex query by doctrine in Symfony

I looked in Symfony2 documents for help on writing complex queries by doctrine but I didn't find anything that helps, especially for update and insert complex queries. Is there anything in doctrine that can help? If not what's the best option, the mySQLi connection or something else?


$connection = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager()->getConnection(); $connection is now a...

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How do I write a query when the query itself is in the columns of the tables?

For example: I have a table called HD_Es_FilterDetail With columns: filterdetail_ID, filter_ID, field_name, operator and criteria. The combination field_name, operator and criteria should build a SQL an SQL query Thus: Field Name = DueDate Operator ...


Sound like you need dynamic SQL. Look for EXECUTE statement.

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How to write a 4-part query?

--1. Query 1 --Get the shipvia method from ORDERS first (the one that orderid 10248 used ) --2. Query 2: --Get a list of orderids from the ORDERS table which have the same shipvia as in query 1. --3. Query 3: --Get the productid from order details which...


i dont fully understand, do you need to list all the information you mentioned? are shipvia, orderids...

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Help me write an SQL query for the following?

I have a table which has 4 fields : Godown, Item, Qty and Date The primary key is a combination of (Godown, Item, Date) Assume it has the following data :- Godown Item Qty Date AM KCDC 10 12/5/2010 AM KCDC 15 13/5/2010 AM KSAI 5 12/5/2010 KB KSAI 10...


SELECT a.* FROM someTable a, (SELECT Godown, Item, MAX(Date) AS Date FROM someTable GROUP BY Godown...

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When is the best time to write Screenplay: Before or After Query letter?

I have been seeing different answers for this. One website said to write script after you recieve interests in your script. However, another one said the have a polished script before you even send in your query letter. I believe I should persure the...


I'd write it beforehand. You'll need a lot of time editing and polishing and getting beta readers for...

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How can I write a query letter for my collection of poetry?

If you can, please give me a sample. I'm hoping to take the editor's idea if my collection can be expanded and published into a book. So how can I write a query letter?


Try this site.…

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How can I write script to query Quora , Facebook or some other social networking site?

To write some query which will do something like 'Quora's Most Followed for 2014 by Oliver Emberton on Quorabot' . How is it possible without having database access ?


Can't say about Quora, however for Facebook and Twitter, you can query using their APIs. You should...

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How to write a query in file using c++ without data base?

i have written a query select name, regno from student and parsed it now i want to display the user information in tabular form.what should i do?


you have to store the data as xml or csv or some format and then parse it based on the delimiter .....

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Use an agent. First you have to write the query and save. ( as stored procedures) . Go in to Agents...

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Write a caption on The Truman Doctrine?

i now what the truman doctrine is, but im not getting anywhere on the caption topic for this


If you have to write a caption on the Truman Doctrine, you have to write something that explains what...

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