How to perform a query in mongoose?

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How can a T+n query perform a real-time, all-data query of a large amount of historical data stored in a transaction database?

Real-time all-data query of huge historical data stored in transaction database will create heavy workload to database and heavily destroy the necessary low-latency of transaction system. Separating historical data from database to ensure the performance...


Hello. I'll address your question as two separate but related ones: How can I organize my transactional...

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Node.js: How do range query in mongoose?

In mongodb javascript, i can use find({'datetime': {'$gt':  '2011-04-01', '$lt': '2011-04-09'}}) to do range query, but can i do  it in mongoose's find? Thanks


First, in the Schema, you need to define the type of the date field to be: {date: { type: Date, default...

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How do you perform basic arithmetic in a MongoDB query?

In SQL, you can select many fields and perform basic arithmetic on them, by creating a query such as "SELECT ((field1 + field2)/2) as relevance, title, author from..."


It's very easy: just download SlamData, an open source project that lets you run SQL on MongoDB, and...

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Can we perform a large number of Point Update Query in less than Amortized (logn) time?

If we have to perform range update query many times, Can we reduce the overall time? Edit - Can this be solved by applying DP or Hashing with BIT?


Yes, it is possible in a special case. If all updates occur before queries, then updating the closed...

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Create a field in sql query results?

i have two columns in a sql table that i need to perform math on (qty max - min onhand) during a query and display the calculated results in a field with the query results. i am using microsoft sql server management studio express to complete this. I...


SELECT ... qty_max - min_onhand AS MyField ...

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MS SQL query causes vague error message?

I am converting an ASP script to a PHP script. The current script runs on an IIS 6.0 server running ASP.NET and PHP 4.4.8. The script connects to a database in the form of a .MDB file. I can successfully connect to the database using the PHP method odbc...


"Name" is a restricted word in Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Try changing your query to...

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Mongoose fireball 26" Vs. 24"?

If anyone has ever rid these bikes can you tell me if what they are like? Why is the 24" £105 cheaper than the 26"? What is so different between them both?


The 24" indicates the wheel size, so a 24" would be better for a child, in 2nd grade-5th grade...

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How many processors does a Google search query touch?

When I enter a search query on Google (without Google Instant), how many processors (in the median case) perform work for this query? How about the extreme case, and if Google Instant is on as well?


A single Google search engine query uses 1,000 servers in 0.2 seconds.   Sources: http://www.computerweekly...

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Access Database Sort/Query...Please Answer?

Can you give me a reason for each of the following please?:) 1) Why is is a good idea to perform a 'sort'? 2) Why is it a good idea to perform a 'query'? Thanks x


sort is used for sorting the data in ascending or descending order. if a customer is using your website...

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Advanced range query in mongodb?

There are two fields in one collection "max" and "min". I have two integers X and y. I want to perform a query like this on the collection; find all the rows whose 'min'-y <= X <='max'+y. How can i do that [updated] in pymongo...


It is possible to pass the exact query( 'min'-y <= X <='max'+y) in javascript as suggested by...

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