How to write delete query with inner join?

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[SQL] DELETE Query with INNER JOIN? - CodeProject

... DELETE Query with INNER JOIN? Rate this: ... Is it possible to use INNER JOIN, to delete all the rows from Table2 if a value doesn't exist in any of ...

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puzzling over a query

I'm trying to write a SQL query on an 8 year old broken Access database that I didn't build, now on Access 2007. It's fun, I tell you what. I'm having trouble with a left outer join. Here's the tables I'm trying to join: Crews table: crew number, group...


The problem is the WHERE clause, because if there is no crew leader, then the Job Title cannot possibly...

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Is there a way to write intelligent queries against a merge table in MySQL that represents a bunch of tables partitioned by date?

I have a set of MySQL tables that are partitioned by date, with a merge table representing all of them. For the query I am writing, the results are joined by date, so rows in table A_2012-12-05 will only join to rows in B_2012-12-05, and rows in A_2...


What you want is Partition Pruning, which is not supported by Merge tables.  You need to use partitioned...

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Query from different database Connections Oracle SQL develoepr?

Is it possible to write a query over two different database connections (both are oracle databases - they have different sign on credentials etc) I'm trying to join sales data on a server in the UK to product data on a server in France. Can I do this...


This would be dependent on your programming language - typically you create a connection object or something...

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Help with simple MySQL Query?

I am using an INNER JOIN to return a table with two joined tables. The problem is that both tables have the identical field name called "id". How do I write a query that will return as id1 and as id2 and the rest of the...


Well, you could try something like the following: select table1.*, table2.*, as id1, table...

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Why is the "join" query in SQL not scalable?

"The problem is joins are relatively slow, especially over very large data sets, and if they are slow your website is slow. It takes a long time to get all those separate bits of information off disk and put them all together again. Flickr decided...


Usually the problem is bad query design with inadequate where criteria and lack of indexes.  If one...

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An odesk contractor appears to have added a script to my site.  I want to be fair, is there any way this is a mistake?

He was modifying an existing site.  The site he created caused several words on my page to appear hyperlinked and when you moused over a little advertising window appeared.  My site did NOT do this before.  I commented out a script that was not on the...


data.htm is an entry point and run.js contains the actual code to add underlined ads as well as what...

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Nested loop/if...then TABLE display problem (ASP)

I am returning a recordset with the following query: *************** [CODE] ******************** SELECT sdl.supplier_division_id, s.supplier_id, s.supplier_name, sdl.status_id, sl.status_desc FROM supplier AS s INNER JOIN supplier_division_lu AS sdl...


Greetings Krickles! I am posting a code snippet below. Make a backup of your original asp before you...

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C++ program

This program should be pretty straight forward for the average programming expert. Please keep the programs as simple as possible while keeping with the specifications. I will need two different working versions of both parts. Part I should be able to...


Hi bobty-ga, Since you are satisfied with the solutions for Part I and Part II of your question, I am...

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Excel macro

I am attempting to create a macro of some type to generate a password based on 3 parts of data, and have a set of random numbers generated at the end. I am an IT for a corporation, and we are in the process of making users' account passwords for our...


On a new sheet, enter in cell A2 John Doe in B2 8/22/1968 and in C2 2005 Continue with the other...

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