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How to create an efficient static hash table?

I need to create small-mid sized static hash tables from it. Typically, those will have 5-100 entries. When the hash table is created, all keys hashes are known up-front (i.e. the keys are already hashes.) Currently, I create a HashMap, which is I sort the keys so I get O(log n) lookup which 3-5 lookups on average for the sizes I care. Wikipedia claims that a simple hash table with chaining will result in 3 lookups on average for a full table, so that's not yet worth the trouble for me (i.e. taking...


You can use Sux4j to generate a minimal perfect hash in Java or C++. (I'm not sure you are using Java...

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How do I create my own Hash Table implementation in Python?

I was thinking of a basic implementation where I could use a small array of some size, but what seems to be most problematic is the collision resolution part. I was thinking of using BST/Linked lists to place items with same hash(index), but conflict...


Use a list of lists. Preliminaries A hash table maps a possibly infinite domain to a finite output range...

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Create a program that uses the division method of hashing to store the data values into hash table with table?

create a data set with 100 integer values. create a program that uses the division method of hashing to store the data values into hash table with table sizes 7 , 51, 151. use linear probing method of collision resolution. print out the tables after...


Sure! But you may have to wait a little since it will take a bit of time.

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Hashing, using an array and a linked list, is possible, not sure of the case where we could  do it ...

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How is the size of hash table determined?

Suppose I want to create efficient hash table for about 200,000 English words. I will use djb2 hash function ((seed_hash * 33) + word[i]) % SIZE , (Page on cse.yorku.ca) .  I'll use bucket linked list for collision. I am using C (c99) , compiler gcc...


It's a tuning parameter - it depends what you're trying to optimize and what resources you have or are...

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Using a hash table with keyword searches.?

A little background: The project is to store a file of "mp3s" in the form Title|Artist into a hash table. Some of the functions i need to write are search by title, search by artist, search by keyword and insert into a playlist. I am just confused...


take each title and hash the words of the title so Johny Be Good, Hash Johny = 27, Hash Good = 87 build...

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Using hash table to point to binary tree?

I got my data structures, binary search tree and a hash table. I am just trying to see how would I be able to have table point a a BST. So, if my table is 5 cells long. They will each point to a BST and have a total of 5 BST. My data structures are basic...


You need to add some missing variables first.

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Why am I getting a "could not find table" error?

I'm relatively new to Rails and I've been getting the above error whenever I'm testing my login page. Here's the test view file:     <%= form_for :user, :url => create_path do |f| %>       <p> Email: <br />  <%= f.text...


Have you created the User model and migrated the db? It may be easiest to put your code somewhere online...

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How would you insert a node in a hash table?

To insert some thing into a hash table you need to have a hash function. So, what kind of hash functions would you use for NODES(say an object referencing a node)?


Hash functions are used on the keys which can be integers. 'Key' field is a part of the node that you...

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How does one implement a universal hash function, and would this be feasible to use, for example, in a filesystem's dentry table?

In Exploiting Unix File-System Races via Algorithmic Complexity Attacks[1], a vulnerability is described which amounts to lengthening the time a call to access(2) or open(2) takes by generating a large number of hash collisions in the dentry table. In...


Ruby and Perl have random hash functions by default. Perl uses them when too many collisions are detected...

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