How to make a dynamic table in PHP?

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How do i use PHP to make dynamic entries in a mysql table?

I'm sorry, i Know this must be a basic question, but i cant find the answer in my textbook- i guess i'm not looking in the right places. If i have a mysql database that keeps track of members and new pages created by members, what php script do i use to append my mysql database dynamically so that the new entries are listed accordingly?


In order to update a database using PHP you need to connect to the database then issue a SQL statement...

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How do I make a Member Table [php]?

I want a member table that whenever someone registers the members update on the table saying their username rank and other stuff. MY SQL:


You will need a signup form: <form action="register.php" method="post"> Username...

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There are many ways to do it, and they will vary radically depending on how you store the data. This...

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if you want to change the columns in a mysql table use the ALTER TABLE command. however i would suggest...

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Does anyone know to do make a very simple table using PHP?

the simpler the better, with a boarder.


First, figure out the html markup for the table you want, then use php echo statements to output your...

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How to call dynamic webpages in a index.php?

I tried a some tutorials that showed if you click on a link ex: index.php it in its URL it becomes index.php?page=sample.php using the include() I try doing it but doesn't work,I checked everything and all is correct. im using PHP5.3 ERROR: Notice: Undefined...


If you own the php file, it's easy: <?php include "file.php"; // do work... ?> If you...

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I need dynamic pages without PHP or a database. What are my options?

Without access to PHP, MySQL, or any other fancy server-side stuff I still need to have dynamic pages. What are my options? Environment: Corporate setting where PHP, MySQL, and anything that doesn't cost thousands of dollars must be banned for "...


tiddlywiki is a wiki that doesn't need a server side component.

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How can i fix the width of table and make text continue from second line?

I am designing web page and getting data from MySQL with PHP. On the right of the page there is a navigation menu and i've inserted a table to left side of page. But when i write long text with no spaces the table width is growing and reaching the right...


Confused a bit. Is your sentence static or dynamic data driven. If it is data driven if you copy and...

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Php include function not working properly?

I am using dreamweaver and i cut out the header portion of my page and save it to another php page called "header.php". I then use php include function to make sure that header shows up on the page. The function is working in that it recognizes...


At first glance, it could be one of two issues. One PHP needs to be run on a webserver. The webserver...

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Help with PHP members-only pages?

Hello all, I am relatively new to PHP and just finished up coding a basic login system with the aid of a very good little tutorial- but now I need to make certain pages visible only to a member once they have successfully logged in. Code: //checklogin...


on the login page if the login info is correct: $_SESSION['logged']=true; and on your member page: if...

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