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Heroku 1 additional web dyno vs Linode?

I am currently using the Free Heroku service for my Ruby on Rails project, but I noticed that it loads extremely slow on other computers (it loads fast on my computer, probably because I visit it a lot and it's cached?). I wasn't sure if the problem...


If you're only using a single dyno then Heroku will be idling the dyno after inactivity. So you will...

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Is there a need for a web service that monitors the health, status and contents of a webpage identified by a Url?

Lets say there is a API called getInfo(url, options) which provides useful information about a page identified by an url. The services might include the last cached contents of the page (whole page) specific data (e.g relationship status from a facebook...


Not to be a smart alec, but doesn't ChangeDetection.com + any number of site monitoring tools do most...

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U.S. military officials attempted to scrub the web of info reg. Bales the soldier accused of killing civilians. What do you think of this?

http://www.military.com/news/article/army-tried-to-delete-bales-from-web-after-arrest.html?comp=700001075741&rank=2 WASHINGTON -- Besides waiting nearly a week before identifying the Army staff sergeant accused of killing 16 Afghan villagers, the...


I can think of a lot of reasons, starting with protecting Bales and his family and friends from reprisals...

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What includes in web hosting service from a web hosting service providers?

I have talked to web hosting service providers. And I have noticed that web hosting service rates r cheaper than normal service. By normal service I mean that (for example) The service provider will give me tools for building website design and it will...


It varies so much that you have to contact them. But if you do a yahoo search on Michael Stroberwitz...

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How to grant exclusive access to a web service from just those PCs?

Using PHP/MySQL/javascript: I need a way to grant exclusive access to a web service from just 2 or more PCs sharing the same public IP address, which is dynamically assigned by the ISP; I can setup these PCs as needed, and I must make an outside PC has...


Oh, I wasn't aware, but you should also check out the bit on the Allow From page that talks about UserAgent...

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Web sites which can mail letters for consumers via US Postal Service

I am looking for a list of web sites which offer the service of mailing a letter using the US postal service (at a reasonable price). In other words, what I would like to do is to go to a web site, then I would type a letter and the web site would print...


Here are a number of services that will send an onlne letter via snail mail from the U.S. PC2Paper...

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What is the difference between web service(i.e. gmail.com) and cloud service? Could be web service treated as particular example of cloud service?

Web Services and A.P.I.: What is concept of Web Services in Layman Language?Like, XML-Web Services and U.D.D.I, W.S.D.L. and how to you use Web Services in Website-Design-and-Development, and new techniques in Web Services in Layman Language.


No, they are not the same. However, they are increasingly dependent on each other if users want the...

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What is the difference between a normal Web hosting service and Amazon web services?

A normal web hosting service allows one to host a PHP web application using MySQL. This is good enough for most web applications. When should we use Amazon web services? What is the difference between a normal Web hosting service and Amazon web services...


Web hosting covers a variety of companies that offer services ranging from shared hosting, to virtual...

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How can a Public ASP Web Form and Web Service be Hosted to Access a Local, Internal, Structured Query Language Database?

I am creating an ASP web form hosted on a public Microsoft web host. I need it to access a SQL database located locally on our internal network. I have developed a web service that talks to the ASP web form, but I don’t know where the web...


I see two problems in the way you deployed your application, lets talk about them later. Have you enabled...

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How to setup my own web-based service for employee management?

Good day! I really need someone's help to see if and how I can create a web site that would offer an employee in/out board service for a monthly fee. At first, I simply wanted to create a Windows software that would act like a Web server allowing companies...


Good Day oldman-ga, Sounds like you already have the basics figured out. I'm going to present you with...

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