How to create this Java program?

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For Java programming, create a new directory to hold your program. Open up Notepad (or any other text...

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Can someone PLEASE help with a java program. I am trying to create it an I don't even know how to start it!!

This is the program I am writing: Each day, Wayne, Chuck, Owen and Mike start at dawn and play golf all day going from course to course. Each day, each golfer wants to find out how well he did that day compared to par. To this end, each day Mr. Waynes...


int sum = 0; int count = 0; int total= 0; int par= 0; System.out.print("Enter the name of the file...

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How do I create this java/computer science program?

This is my first school course in computer science. I am utterly lost and can't get the information of java to stick. I have an assignment due tomorrow that I have no idea how to do. Maybe some computer programmers out there can offer me some help! I...


See Use.: int total=0,min=0,max=0;//total, min and max scores int cnt=0;//counter to scores entered...

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Anyone knows how to create a java program?

Many word processing applications require text to be left justified and formatted in such a way that no line has length exceeding the width of the text area. Words, that is, sequences of characters containing no white space, cannot be split across lines...


This will be helpful… Hope this helps Cheers:)

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How to create .exe file from a java program?

I just want to know How to create .exe file from a java program using cmd prompt Please answer in Step by step Please answer with due verification


Java has no such specification for creation .exe file. .exe and .jar both are executable file. .exe...

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Can Anyone Show Me How To Create This Java Program?

Write a Java program that validates an email address: 1. Using GUI to ask a user to enter a website address in the form of, etc. 2. Validate that the website has www as the first 3 characters, followed by a dot (.), and then any valid name...


String ws = getInput(); // use String methods to check the first 3 chars // and then the rest of the...

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How can i create this java program?? :( ?

Design and implement a program that allows the user to enter into an array the price of 5 products in sterling. The program should then copy this array into another array but convert more


@navid i have printed the code but there was not correct output only input was taken but the last method...

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Pls HELP how can i create a program MULTILEVEL queue using c# or JAVA.... help..?

help how can i do a program of MULTILEVEL QUEUE..... 3 gantt chart RR,FCFS, and STRF....... help help pls.....


why do you need this? I'm sure there is a better way to do what you are doing.

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Can you give me a sample java program on how to create an addressbook?

Creating An Addressbook through Java Programming


you need two things - an object for records, and an object for the whole addressbook. for records ie...

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How do I create this program in Java?

The Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale provides a rating (a category) depending on the current intensity of a hurricane. Create a hurricane application that displays the wind speed for the hurricane category entered by the user. Display the speed in miles...


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