How to create a process in Android?

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Android Process and Resource managment

As Per My Knowledge, In Android when Application is start , Os assign new process to app and app will running in that UIThread (mainthead) of that process. so operation which is define under Activity Class will run on UiThread ( if we will not create separate class for any operation). and if we perform long running process we will do that task under the Service class ( Service is running even App will kill ).. So Service is running on UiThread or separate Thead? if it runs under UiThread then Why...


In Android when Application is start , Os assign new process to app Correct. app will running in that...

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Why does Android create a unique VM for each process?

Why can't Android create a common VM and allow all apps to share that?


Security and reliability. By running each app in its own process, each app is sandboxed, separated from...

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What is the best way to process payment in an iOS app to allow a user to post an advertisement?

I want to create an iOS app, website, and Android that allows a user to post advertisements - similar to gumtree or AutoTrader. Other users of the app can see these advertisements in the apps and on the website. I want to charge people to post an advertisement...


I just read through that exact section of the developer guidelines, and it confirms that that is prohibited...

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Should I use Android as the OS for my product or create my own?

I ask this because currently the market is over saturated with cheap tablets and smartphone which run on android. Android has about a billion users, yes. But are they quality? There is a reason why android cannot amount to IOS because IOS has value,...


I am assuming you are talking about a Mobile Device with smart capabilities. Couldn't deduct the innovative...

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I want to create a game console that runs Android, where do I start? Are there development kits like Arduino for Android?

I'm a software engineer and I want to learn more about hardware design.  As a fun learning project, I want to create a game console that runs Android but not sure where to start with the hardware part. Are there development kits like Arduino for Android...


BeagleBoard PandaBoard

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What is the best way to create web app in android?

Whats the best way to create a web app in Android? I want to use all the native functions of android. I also want to implement the sliding menu API in action bar. Link: SlidingMenu. One way is using android webView and the other way is PhoneGap. Which...


I think using cordova (phonegap) is the best approach since there are plugins available for most of...

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How to create emoticons for android?

Can you create a new set of emoticons for Android that can be integrated into the Android OS? I am not talking about a standalone chat/sms service. I'd like to know if it is possible to create a whole new set of emoticons that can be integrated into...


This is possible. We have to access the Keyboard APIs available and hook in the new set of Emoticons...

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Why does Microsoft not create Android apps?

Microsoft seems happy to create IOS apps for their products, and of course they create Windows Phone apps too, but they seem reluctant to create Android apps. Considering that Android is over half of the smartphone market, why is this the case? As far...


On Google Play you can find: - Xbox Smartglass - OneNote - Office - Lync 2010 and 2013 - SkyDrive Not...

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How can I fix " unfortunately the process android and process media has stopped" problem in galaxy s2

how to fix "unfortunately process android. process media has stopped" problem in s2


power the phone off, then back on.

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Given Android's open source nature and lack of a competitive UI to iOS, why haven't we seen a group of elite usability experts form to create their own platonic ideal of a skin for Android?

This could be a commercial endeavor (sell the skin or make $ with ads) or more of an open source project.  I know if I were a UI/usability expert, that would be an interesting challenge for me.  Rather than quibbling about how/why iOS is better than...


Some would argue HTC's Sense does this already, at least in part. Otherwise, if you're asking about...

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