How to create a jar in Android studio?

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how to create a jar file from android studio

I have a fairly latest version of android studio, I have created a module under a project which is basically supposed to be a library, when I build it, it creates an ".aar" file , what I want is .jar file as this library is supposed to be used with eclipse as well. The library contains activity as well, is there any way by which I can create a .jar file which I can use on Eclipse as well Android Studio ? I have already created this module and tried building , as a result it generated...


Currently gradle based builds doesnt seems to be allowing to create jar with android studio, I decided...

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How do you integrate a .jar file into an Android app?

I have a .jar file and the associated .java and .class files.  What I want to do is create an Android app (I'm using Eclipse) and  somehow integrate the .jar file with it. The .jar file acts as a  Spellchecker and I want to create a Spellchecker app...


First of all, not all Java SE APIs that are called by third-party jars exist on Android, or if they...

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How can an Eclipse project's nature be changed to an Android library without breaking the source control history?

I have forked a plain Java project from Git. It uses Android classes from the Android API, and manually added the Android jar from the SDK as a build dependency. I want to change this into an Android project, without having to create a new Android library...


There should be an easy way: Java Project: save as Android Project. if(keyEvent==true) {saveAs(touchScreenEvent...

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What tools would you use to create a Mobile app?

I want to create a mobile app that will run on all platforms - IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. Should i use something like Titanium Studio or PhoneGap? Write once and run on all platforms or should I create the app for it's specific platform...


On a higher level, using a cross-platform tool such as PhoneGap will definitely cut down your development...

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How do I create icons/images for my Android applications?

I am looking for options other than Makeappicon


My choices are: Android Asset Studio (Android Asset Studio ) and - Angry Web Tools AngryTools...

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Good music studio apps?

What apps are the best for creating music? If its for iphone I don't care if it costs money but if its an android app i only want a free one... and I also want to make sure I can record,edit,use my own downloaded instrumentals,and create beats.


SPC or DJ studio

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Any softwares I might need , 10 points to the best answer?

Hi, I just got my second paycheck leaving me with nearly 5000 bucks, and I'm wanting to buy all the softwares I might need right now so I can start saving the rest of my money. What I'm looking for is softwares which I can create iPhone and android apps...


Use Xcode. I think it's by Apple and made for their products. :)

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What is the current stability of the Android Studio as of 2014 compared to Eclipse in Android development?

Seems like currently android studio is in the 0.3.2v (at least for mac) which is far from 1.0v but I've used other jetbrains product they are really good. Getting Started with Android Studio If possible please compare on these points. Build times (gradle...


I think the answer is mghtly depending on personal experience.. But good to have a sharing point. Gradle...

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How to create a Exe file using a Jar file? I created jar file using Netbeans.?

I created a Netbeans Java program and made a Jar file from it. But i can't run that jar file in my computer although i have installed Java Runtime Environment 7. When i'm gonna open that jar fill they ask open with what? So i want to make a Executable...


You can run the file through the commandline. java location/file.jar

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How can I create a jar file?

I tried creating a jar file using the jar command in the command prompt but I get "jar is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".. I viewed various tutorials from the net and got the same technique...


Check your environment variable. Doesn't seem like java install folder is set in your path.

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