how to import cordova project to android studio?

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Cordova import:SDK build tool revision is too low for project in android studio

I am trying to import cordova project into android studio.But i will get the following error while gradle build. Error:The SDK Build Tools revision (19.0.0) is too low for project ':..:..:..:..:Root5projects:KTDC:platforms:android'. Minimum required is 19.1.0 build.gradle in the project folder compileSdkVersion 19 buildToolsVersion "19.1.0" CordovaLib\build.gradle android { compileSdkVersion 19 buildToolsVersion "19.1.0" compileOptions { sourceCompatibility JavaVersion...


Finally I found a solution.Actually that is the problem of Cordova version,I have updated my Cordova...

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Why is it so hard to import libraries in Android development (Android Studio)?

I've spent hours trying to figure out how to simply import an Android library hosted on Github into my project. It's a nightmare with so many weird configurations I have to set and mysterious tribal knowledge on where to put the library so that my project...


Well I think it is not that difficult to import compiled jar libaries into Android Studio (0.4.4) &...

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What is the syntax for changing a text box value in Java using Eclipse and the Android SDK?

I'm writing a calculator app for android in Java for a school project. I'm using Eclipse along with the Android SDK. I have a separate xml layout file (main.xml). I'm familiar with programming in C# in Visual Studio and I have been told that Java is...


There is no available syntax for editing the text box value; sorry about that.... Good luck!

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Why does Android dalvik have problems with Eclipse multi-project apps?

When the application is spread across multiple projects, VFY errors occur, as copied below. But when combined into a single project, there is no problem. 07-22 00:10:56.947: WARN/dalvikvm(294): Unable to resolve superclass of Lcom/mparaz/networkapi/client...


It' salso possible with normal eclipse-mechanisms: Right-Click on your Android-Project -> Build...

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How does one convert a plain Eclipse Java project into an Android Library project?

I am working with a project with references to the Android SDK classes, but does not produce an Android app. I believe this requires a library project: Can I convert the existing project into an Android library project...


See: How can an Eclipse project's nature be changed to an Android library without breaking the source...

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How can an Eclipse project's nature be changed to an Android library without breaking the source control history?

I have forked a plain Java project from Git. It uses Android classes from the Android API, and manually added the Android jar from the SDK as a build dependency. I want to change this into an Android project, without having to create a new Android library...


There should be an easy way: Java Project: save as Android Project. if(keyEvent==true) {saveAs(touchScreenEvent...

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What is the correct way to import the Android source code into Eclipse to start working?

I have tried these three ways. But they result in errors and different layouts of folders with each way. 1. Create an empty java project. Properties>Java Build Path>Source>Link Source>Android folder path. 2. File>new>java project...


You basically need below files in you root project folder for eclipse to recognize Android project perfectly...

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What is the current stability of the Android Studio as of 2014 compared to Eclipse in Android development?

Seems like currently android studio is in the 0.3.2v (at least for mac) which is far from 1.0v but I've used other jetbrains product they are really good. Getting Started with Android Studio If possible please compare on these points. Build times (gradle...


I think the answer is mghtly depending on personal experience.. But good to have a sharing point. Gradle...

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What should I use for Android development, Android Studio or Eclipse?

I am a web developer , trying to learn some android development . Basically i am a noob with android ............ Also i work with 2 gb ram , so android studio kinda freezes


You should probably stick with Eclipse for now since Android Studio is not even at version 1.0 (read...

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I don't have an Android phone but do you think I will be able to develop apps on Android Studio?

I do not have any Android devices to actually deploy the apps on the device and test them, do you think I can use the emulator and make my app work on Android Studio ?


Yes, you can use virtual devices to test your applications in Android Studio. However, it is still recommended...

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