How to import an external library in Android studio?

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How do I Import a library from github in Android Studio?

[I'm a newbie] I want to include a git library in android studio -> I tried this. New-> import module -> downloaded file address But it's giving some errors.


You dont have to import a module . Just put the path in your build.gradle dependencies and use it as...

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Why is it so hard to import libraries in Android development (Android Studio)?

I've spent hours trying to figure out how to simply import an Android library hosted on Github into my project. It's a nightmare with so many weird configurations I have to set and mysterious tribal knowledge on where to put the library so that my project...


Well I think it is not that difficult to import compiled jar libaries into Android Studio (0.4.4) &...

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What is the syntax for changing a text box value in Java using Eclipse and the Android SDK?

I'm writing a calculator app for android in Java for a school project. I'm using Eclipse along with the Android SDK. I have a separate xml layout file (main.xml). I'm familiar with programming in C# in Visual Studio and I have been told that Java is...


There is no available syntax for editing the text box value; sorry about that.... Good luck!

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Single iTunes Library and 2 Macs

I need a solution to share a single iTunes library with two machines. Possibly. I will be doing a weekly 3-hour radio show, and ideally I would like to export a playlist and the music from my home iMac to my MacBook Air which I will then take to the...


Solution 2 will work; I've done it dozens of times. I'm not sure how long your playlists are, but if...

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Anime Studio debut 7 Layer problem?

Ok, Whenever I import an anime studio character or scenery from my library or just by using File: Import Anime studio object, I get these Layers that overlap each other, even if I move the other layer on top of the other one in the layer viewer. I set...


I am sure this is an easy fix, unfortunately, I don't know exactly what's happening with your issue...

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Yes, you can import images like that.... Good luck!

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MSVCRT.dll versus MSVCRT40.dll

I use the C Runtime library as a DLL as the size of my programs are very important. Typically this is done by linking with msvcrt.lib which is an import library for msvcrt.dll. This will require that msvcrt.dll be present on the computer loading your...


Dear jonathanclark: Thank you for your question. From what I have found, there is no import library...

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Help me sort out my messy digital media/device issues

Should I get a new iTouch? Or ditch iTunes and start fresh with something else? Get an Android tablet? New phone? Plus a new OS for my laptop? Feeling overwhelmed! My digital media life is falling apart, and I have a unique opportunity to clean it up...


2nding the galaxy note 2 thru them last month and LOVE it! It was pricy, sure, but I...

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Upgrading my Radio Dramas

I've been writing and recording radio dramas with some friends for the past year and it's been a terrific amount of fun. But I want to take them to the next level and I'm not sure how. As of now I use my university's recording studio to record vocals...


I would rethink hiring someone to do this. Editing and mixing a podcast is so much fun and you can learn...

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How can an Eclipse project's nature be changed to an Android library without breaking the source control history?

I have forked a plain Java project from Git. It uses Android classes from the Android API, and manually added the Android jar from the SDK as a build dependency. I want to change this into an Android project, without having to create a new Android library...


There should be an easy way: Java Project: save as Android Project. if(keyEvent==true) {saveAs(touchScreenEvent...

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