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how to run eclipse android emulator via visual studio

Hi is it possible to run or communicate eclipse android emulator via MS visual studio? If yes please help me or state ways how to set up possible solution.


If you are using Mono for Andriod. We can run the app as usual in Visual Studio by choosing Debug >...

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Mac + iPhone or Ubuntu + Android?

Shoud I get a Mac + iPhone or Ubuntu + Android? I need to change my laptop and phone. Work's paying for the laptop, I'm paying for the phone. I need to figure out whether to get a Mac + iPhone or Ubuntu + Android. I'm run a web development studio, and...


It's quite easy to set up a MacBook to boot into Windows 7, Ubuntu and OS X - and you can, of course...

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FL studio on a tablet?

What (if any) tablets like iPads or android tablets can run the full version of FL Studio 10? I know iPads have FL studio mobile but I want to work on the full version on a big touchscreen. Any help?


FL Studio 10 can't run on anything aside from Windows. You can get something like an HP Touchsmart that...

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What is the current stability of the Android Studio as of 2014 compared to Eclipse in Android development?

Seems like currently android studio is in the 0.3.2v (at least for mac) which is far from 1.0v but I've used other jetbrains product they are really good. Getting Started with Android Studio If possible please compare on these points. Build times (gradle...


I think the answer is mghtly depending on personal experience.. But good to have a sharing point. Gradle...

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Why do Android phones have such powerful hardware compared to iPhones? Does Android need that hardware to run correctly?

Android phones have Quad/Octa core ARM processors, 2-3 GB of RAM, running almost to 2 GHz, compared to iPhones with dual core 1 GHz and 512 MB (4/4S), 1 GB (5* and 6*) or 2 GB (6S) of RAM. Does Android need such powerful hardware to run? Is Android poorly...


There are two main reasons, and others that would take too long to describe. 1. a Smartphone is not...

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Will Apple ever allow Android to be run on an iPhone?

Why or why not? I can run Windows on my Macbook, why can't I run Android on my iPhone? Imagine swiping left and right between apps, up and down between iOS and Android. Sure, Apple may lose some revenue in the app store. However, I could see this loss...


This Android user strongly doubts it. While Apple has been willing to allow Windows copies to be installed...

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How to run collective no-budget underground studio?

RecordingStudioFilter: Advice sought on how to run a collective no-budget underground (literally) studio; starting immediately. lots Affectionately nicknamed the "cave flat", two stories below the center of a largish UK city dwell five musicians...


No advice about your plan. But as far as echo treatment, my partner who has a small studio in our basement...

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What should I use for Android development, Android Studio or Eclipse?

I am a web developer , trying to learn some android development . Basically i am a noob with android ............ Also i work with 2 gb ram , so android studio kinda freezes


You should probably stick with Eclipse for now since Android Studio is not even at version 1.0 (read...

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I don't have an Android phone but do you think I will be able to develop apps on Android Studio?

I do not have any Android devices to actually deploy the apps on the device and test them, do you think I can use the emulator and make my app work on Android Studio ?


Yes, you can use virtual devices to test your applications in Android Studio. However, it is still recommended...

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Are Android apps and games supposed to run in all android devices with the same performance?

If I get an Android App let's say Monster Shooter will it have the same performance on my Samsung Galaxy Player compared to a Samsung 10.1 or a Coby tablet or any other cheap device. Is it like computer games that have requirements and will run more...


Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Absolutely not. Every app or game uses system processor, and its performance...

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