What is Android studio library, how to add specific library and use it with my project?

Let’s learn what is Android studio library, how to add specific library and use it with my project. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by stackoverflow.com.

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actionbarsherlock - How do I add a library project to the ...

How do I add a library project to the Android Studio? ... If you want to add library via Android Studio creator just check the answer below with visual guide ...


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How do I use Robotium step-by-step?

I have searched almosty everywhere. I have collected many tutorials like these on the bottom of this post. But none of the tutorials tells me how to start writing anything in Robotium while I have only .apk installed on my phone :( So... 1. I installed...


Robotium is meant for testing Android user interfaces for which you have the source code.  You only...

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Why is it so hard to import libraries in Android development (Android Studio)?

I've spent hours trying to figure out how to simply import an Android library hosted on Github into my project. It's a nightmare with so many weird configurations I have to set and mysterious tribal knowledge on where to put the library so that my project...


Well I think it is not that difficult to import compiled jar libaries into Android Studio (0.4.4) &...

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Getting Direct X SDK to work on Visual Studio 2010?

I'm trying to get the DirectX SDK (June 2010) to work on Visual Studio 2010. I opened my project, opened the Property Manager, collapsed Debug | Win32, went into the properties of Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user, went to VC++ Directories, went to edit in the...


I can't definitively tell you what the solution is, but I can give some clues. The error message talks...

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Why does Square not include the item library feature in its iPhone and Android apps?

They say "The iPad is the only device that supports items at this time."  It's so much easier to add pre-configured items to my library rather than create a custom order each time. This seems like a basic feature that hinders the use of the...


I would guess the size of the screen. When you look at the UI design, having the item library would...

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I need the source code to create a library system which includes add, modify, view and deleter records.?

I have a project and I have broken my heads on it for 1 week.. I really need a source code for adding, modifying and deleting records in a library system in c++. It should be c++ only and not c and should use structures. The program should assign the...


I once woke up in a field of corn to find out I was dead. Ignoring this fact I put a gun to my head...

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What is the best method for syncing music to an Android phone?

I've tried many music libraries that attempt to sync music to my phone. However, my definition of sync is that if I add or delete anything from my desktop library, it will also be added or deleted from my mobile library. DoubleTwist, for example, has...


doubleTwist airsync works well for me!

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C++ hashing table in data structure

QUESTION: Hello..Zlatko,, I have some question to ask you regarding my project question. This is the question : Write a program to perform hash table using two different hashing functions and two different resolution methods to solve the collision...


Hello Wale. I wrote a sample hash program in the hope that it will be useful to you. The hash table...

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Help Me Set Up a Database for Document Offers

I'd like to set up a web-based system that will allow me to enter document records and make them available to multiple groups of logged-in users on a set schedule so they can select documents they are interested in. After all is said and done, I want...


You could do this with Google spreadsheets hooked up to a form. Their spreadsheets have some advanced...

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Could I learn to develop a database driven website in 2-3 weeks? I have no prior knowledge!?

Hello! Help needed urgently! I've been asked (by a friend) to make a website for a small library and I want to know what should I learn and how long it will take me to finish the website (meaning… online, functional). I have never done websites and I...


You cannot... I could tell you what technology to use, but still will have to make time to learn the...

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