How to create a semantic search box and engines?

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How to create a search box that open multiple search results from different search engines in multiple tabs?

I need a search box and a submit button that will open my input in multiple tabs as the search result from multiple search engines. Thanks.


The way you described what you want to do does not require you to use Ajax. Ajax is for loading data...

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Can anyone tell me how to create a search box using visual basic that will search a data base?

I'm bit of a novice when it comes to program using visual basic. I have my vb program set up and my database as well. In my program I have a Search command button that will show an inputbox that will enable me to type what I want to search the database...


3625 is an "Item not found in this collection" error. It can be a couple things: EOF not being...

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Create best tags for my site and submit to many search engines?

create best tags for my site and submit to many search engines? and analyze the terrific where can i do that ? programs ? sites and can for free?


The answer will depend on what software your website was created in. For example, if you used the ever...

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Things Ive typed in on various search engines pop up when im typing in the search box on other websites?

Example: On sparknotes the things ive typed into google previously are in the recommendation box thing beneath where im typing. how do i delete??????


You can't, so try not to search for perverted things.

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How can i create a search box?

I want to create a search box on my website but just for a few pages, not for the all site. How can i manage to do this? I'm working in Dreamweaver 8.


Create tags on the desired pages

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If I create 3 domain names for the same website will my website increase on search engines?

I have a webisite ( If I use 3 or 4 different domain names to get to the same site will it increase my search engines optimisation? For example if I use more


Forwarding a domain name enables you to direct incoming traffic from a parked domain to an existing...

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Technical Writing: What software can i use to create SEO friendly User Guides and Product Help pages that are also indexible by the search engines?

Software such as MadCap Flare uses JS and frames making user guides and product help pages very unfriendly to search engine spiders. It is practically impossible to get these pages into the search indexes. Does anyone have experience with or advice on...


If you write the guide in html, you will get the benefit of having multiple pages.  However, Google...

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Search engines should have subscriber accounts that have a check box that eliminates all add sites $100 a year

it would be worth $100 a year for millions of people to get rid of the garbage commercial sites that a search comes up with. There is money to be made here why not have special search subscriber accounts that have the option to ignore commercial adds...


Those ads you hate make a LOT of what you see and use every day possible. Do you think people would...

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How to create javascript search box?

i want to be search able to find addition word at the script.


type or paste on notepad editor or ohter source editor. <head> <script type="text/javascript...

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How do you create the Search Shortcut Block on the lower left side of your screen and below the folders box ?

For example, it would state "Search Shortcuts" and under that heading it would have "My Photos" and "My Attachments". Thanks.


In Windows XP? In Windows XP, Open a folder or 'My Computer'. Click on 'View'. Click on 'Search'. This...

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