How to delete yahoo 360 page?

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How do I delete a Yahoo 360 page when the associated yahoo id has been deleted?

I set up a yahoo 360 page last year under a different yahoo id than the one I currently have. For personal reasons I had to then delete the 360 page. When I went to find out HOW to delete the 360 page completely, the yahoo privacy page said the only...


Click on the "Report Abuse" link on the page, describe your situation in the form. Be sure...

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How do "delete" an entire page..Such as yahoo 360 page an "delete" my yahoo account?

I dont want my yahoo id anymore an i dont want people 2 b able to access it either.As well as my yahoo id.


swing by… and complete the form, make sure you read...

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How do I delete my Yahoo 360 profile page without deleting my entire Yahoo account?

I want to delete my Yahoo 360 profile page but I can only find ways of making parts of it private. I am probably just missing something right in front of me but could someone help me before I end up tripping over it? Thanks!


You cannot delete it completely, but you can make it pretty much inaccessible. 1. Go to Settings in...

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How do i delete a yahoo s/n and a 360 page?

how do we delete or can even delete yahoo s/n address and 360 page


I dont think you can manually delete your yahoo or 360 page. Just dont log onto it in 60 days and it...

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How do I delete my Yahoo! 360 page?

I want to close my Yahoo! Answers account, but first I need to be able to shut down the Yahoo! 360 page; I was wondering if anyone could kindly tell me this? i already know how to shut down the Y!A account, and can do that after I get my Y! 360 offline...


I hope you change your mind about this, and decide to stay!! There's no way of deleting your 360 page...

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How can I delete my Yahoo 360 page after I have already deleted my Yahoo account associated with it?

When I try to go to settings on 360, it prompts me to sign in to Yahoo first. Well, I deleted my Yahoo email account so I can't sign in. Any tips on how I might be able to more


Sorry I am afraid you can't do that. Once you have delete the account you can't go back there to delete...

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Ok, my old yahoo account got deleted, and my old 360 page is still up for ppl to see, how do i delete it?

It got deleted, and I made a new account with a new 360 page, but the old one that got deleted is still up where ppl can see. how do i delete the old 360 account and everything thats more


Just go into the old account & delete it thru Q & A

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How Do I Delete My Yahoo Groups And My Yahoo 360 Page?

Hey, I Started Yahoo 360 and groups and go to into it i start too many things so I'm closing them off, but i still want to keep my yahoo answers account and more stuff like I'm and email!


U can't delete ur page but u certainly can 'close' it, so to speak. Delete all ur friends and set everything...

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Help can i delete my page on yahoo 360?

help can i delete my page on yahoo 360.


Sorry to answer a question with a question, but why are you deleting it. Long time ago the 360 administrators...

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How do I delete my Yahoo 360 page?

I would like to delete my 360 page without deactivating my yahoo account/screen name is this possible


Go to control Panel.. In that select Add / Remove Programs. There If u find Yahoo 360 then click remove...

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